DashCam / SentryCam won't store files

DashCam / SentryCam won't store files

Our new X with 2019.12.1.2 suddenly developed a problem with the DashCam / SentryCam USB storage. First, the icon for the DashCam disappeared. After resetting the car (power off, wait 90 sec, turn back on) the icon is back, but it always has an X on it. It's not saving SentryCam events either.

I've tried three USB sticks (one 64GB disk that we were using just fine until now, a 32GB one that's worked fine as the MP3 music source, and a new 512GB one), I've made sure they were cleanly unmounted... I've made sure they're FAT32.... I've reformatted them twice with Linux as FAT32... there's a TeslaCam folder, etc, etc.

The old 32GB one will show "USB" as a music source and show the songs on it, but it won't store SentryCam and the DashCam icon stays X'd out (yes, it has a TeslaCam folder). The new 512GB USB stick doesn't work or show music on the disk. The 64GB one shows music but doesn't work for clips.

We were using the 32GB in the driver's side front USB for music, and the 64GB stick as a dedicated DashCam/SentryCam on the passenger side front USB port. That's worked for about two weeks. For testing, I've tried only putting one drive in at a time as well, no change.

Every time I pull a drive with a "TeslaCam" folder I have to run it inside to repair the filesystem or it will be marked dirty... but there's nothing in the TeslaCam (No RecentClips or SavedClips folders, etc). Pulling a disk with only music and no "TeslaCam" folder seems to unmount cleanly for some reason. (?)

The SentryCam option in the menu allows me to turn it on and off, but it's not going to store anything to the USB.

Any ideas?

darron | 26 mai 2019

Huh. Ok, so a simple main screen reboot (holding the two steering wheel scroll wheels for ~10 seconds) fixed this.

I figured the power off reset should do it, but it's possible I wasn't actually getting that to work. It kinda looked like it did, but now that I've seen the main screen reset I figure I wasn't getting it to reset before after all.

When I follow the "option 4 deep power down and reset" instructions from the UK Tesla owners group site (first thing that Google returns with a "reboot tesla" search, and seems to be fairly good documentation with photos) it doesn't quite do what it says. I select "Power off" from the security menu (not service menu like the web page says, but I figured that was unimportant), then wait for 90 seconds (around 70 seconds the last fan noise stops). I then press the brake, and some lights on the steering wheel blink and I took that to mean it was restarting. The screens don't actually come on though and the screens remain off even after a 60 second wait. (the site says ~30 seconds). So, I'd wait the 60-90 more seconds after hitting the brake, and finally when I gave up and opened the door the screens came back on immediately to the "enter PIN" screen. No amount of pressing the brake before that would turn the screens back on, though. I had to open the door.

After doing that the first time, the DashCam icon came back, with an X. That gave me the impression something rebooted and I started focusing on the USB sticks. I tried it again and maybe a dozen or two trips back and forth to the PC reformatting, repairing unclean filesystems, etc... no effect.

I finally tried holding the two scroll wheels, and both screens showed a Tesla logo and rebooted. I had not seen that logo before. It was at this point that DashCam finally started recording again.

So... how do I do that deep power down reset? (for future reference, as I don't seem to need it now) Is it different on 2019.12.1.2, maybe? | 27 mai 2019

I've never needed a deep power reset. Did you try the normal reset (hold both scroll wheels in until the main screen goes black)?

As for pulling the dashcam, do you stop recording before pulling the USB stick? That may explain the "dirty" filesystem, that hasn't been closed properly. Best to stop recording, wait 10-20 seconds, and then remove the drive.

mikah_no | 30 mai 2019

Thank you for posting this Darron. I was going nuts trying to figure out what happened to the Dashcam after the update and addition of the sentry cam icon. I too did a power down thinking that would reset everything but it didn’t. I will try the scroll button reset tomorrow and will let you know if that works for me.

mikah_no | 1 juin 2019

Holding the scroll buttons did not work for me. The DashCam icon is still grayed out. Multiple reformatting did nothing as well. I even tried a mini-USB reader instead of a USB.

I’m still looking for a solution.

Bad Monk | 5 juin 2019

Have you tried repair drive? Mine stopped working, so deleted all files in the folders but kept the TeslaCam name just got rid of all movies inside then (windows 10) clicked on the drive and went to tools>repair drive and works fine now.

mikah_no | 5 juin 2019

Yes, I reformatted the usb stick multiple times while resetting the car. It worked for a day the. Switched back to the gray X. The sentry cam works though. It’s so frustrating. I heard another update is coming so I’m keeping my fingers crossed this issue is addressed.

Bad Monk | 5 juin 2019

I know it sounds silly, not reformat just repair drive. I reformatted mine and still didn’t work, took it out, plugged into PC and repaired drive. Works fine now. Then if it plays up, stops working, I pop it back into PC and repair drive again.

Only had to do this a couple times.

eveningsun | 6 juin 2019

After the latest update dashcam stopped working for me too, tried everything mentioned above including reboots, formatting, and fixing. Called Tesla, they said some advanced review was necessary | 6 juin 2019

@eveningsun - "...some advanced review was necessary"

Sorry, I haven't a clue what this means. Did they elaborate at all?

eveningsun | 6 juin 2019

No, just said they will have senior technician review the case remotely and get back to me. At a glance representative on the phone said she did not see any errors

mikah_no | 7 juin 2019

Ok. I repaired the thumb drive. Before inserting in the MX, I did the scroll button hold down. Put in the newly repaired and formatted TeslaCam folder. And it still didn’t work. I guess I’ll call it in to the service center as well.

nipper2 | 10 juin 2019

@mikah_no I have the same issue

mikah_no | 10 juin 2019

I visited another Tesla forum and apparently this is a known issue with the MX. A solution a few people found was to do a factory reset on the car. You would lose all your settings but you would get the DashCam functionality back.

So I did it. I did a factory reset. It was indeed a pain the butt to redo all my personalizations BUT I got DashCam back! I had it last night and all day today. I didn't realize how much I loved the security of driving around with the DashCam on. Hopefully the reset put this issue to rest once and for all. So if you don't mind spending 30-45 minutes dedoing all your favorites, I would try a factory reset to get the DashCam back.

ebender888 | 10 juin 2019

Had an "x" on mine too. Took out the stick and checked it on my laptop. The memory was full. Each "Sentry" ends up using about 20mb+, so fills up quite fast. Deleted all and now no "x"!

fdelzingaro | 15 juin 2019

I don't understand why the sentry mode and dashcam can't work on my 2017 X HW 2.0. Sentry mode is there now, but it will not record and video. It just created 1K empty files. Dashcam not available. Greyscal video is better than nothing!!! Especially when they do upgrade my hardware to 3.0 with the Full Self Driving feature at time of purchase this upgrade will not replace cameras. | 16 juin 2019

@fdelzingaro -The primary reason is the HW2.5 added another GPU and other hardware to allow Dashcam operation. The HW2.0 doesn't have the hardware to do the dashcam feature.

In addition, the cameras in our HW2.0 cars are all monochrome (except the rear camera). They changed to color cameras in HW2.5.

Tesla has already stated HW3.0 retrofits on HW2.0 cars will not include the dashcam feature. Perhaps they will figure a way to include it, even if only monochrome. For now, you'll have to install your own dashcams:

Third party dashcams actually work a lot better and have higher resolution and is the route I took.