Autopilot on 2017 or older Model S after new Autopilot/FSD announcement

Autopilot on 2017 or older Model S after new Autopilot/FSD announcement

I am in market for buying 2017 Model S car.
Tesla announced that it will make Autopilot(adap cruise, lane keep, steering? capability) a standard on all cars in production.
My question is will owners of 2017 Model S, who did not buy Autopilot(or EAP) when they bought cars in 2017, get this Autopilot turned on for free now? or will they have to buy Autopilot?
In other words will this standard Autopilot(limited capability) be turned on all older cars that have appropriate hardware to handle it?
all replies, thanks in advance.

p.c.mcavoy | 3 juin 2019

Do not expect it to be turned on for free on older cars. You would need to purchase it.

EVRider | 3 juin 2019

If you buy a 2017 that already has EAP enabled, you’ll get a lot more functionality than the new basic AP provides. | 3 juin 2019

@jagjit - If you do buy the AP or EAP option (less clear what is available to older HW2.x cars), you also have the option to buy FSD, which the added cost include the updated AP processor (often called HW3) and installation labor.

reed_lewis | 3 juin 2019

As has been said, the older cars used to have something called Enhanced autopilot which would do Lane Keeping, adaptive cruise control, auto lane changes, summon, and other functionality. The old FSD was red light detection, and eventually real full self driving.

Tesla changed it to just Autopilot which is basically lane keeping and Adaptive cruise control only. In order to get the other functionality, you need to purchase FSD to get everything else.

I am sure that you can still purchase EAP and FSD for older cars. It will never be free. Nor will basic AP either.