Haven't received Arachnid Wheels referral prize

Haven't received Arachnid Wheels referral prize

Back in January, I earned my third referral and was given the opportunity to select the Arachnid Wheels prize (specifically choosing which service location to pick them up from). I was never contacted to confirm or arrange a pickup, and needless to say haven't received the Arachnid Wheels. I know they discontinued the physical goods prizes back in February, but I figured they were still working through a backlog of prizes to send out. I decided to email the referral program directly a few weeks ago ( but never heard back, I also reached out via general email support and also haven't heard back.

Is anyone else still waiting on unredeemed prize(s) from the old referral program or does anyone have info on whether they're still working on it?


kellerrook | 4 juin 2019

Still waiting for my wheels also. No response to email.

MJP.75D | 4 juin 2019

Mine took 1 year to arrive at my chosen service center and still showed as “processing” in the app even after I picked them up...

brianliyang | 4 juin 2019

Interesting @EVRider, I still own the same Model S since I started my referrals. Glad to hear you at least got a response from the referral programs team, how long did that take?

JPPTM | 4 juin 2019

Try contacting your local Service Center and see if they will order:

Referral Program Wheel Prize MS 1109921-00-8 9.6-NA 3.23.2019

After much back and forth, I got my local folks to put in the order themselves. No idea of timing.

packpike | 4 juin 2019

I’ve been waiting since Feb. I ordered through the app, but did check with my service center a little while back and they seemed to think that they really were ‘in process’. It’s probably worth a follow-up on my part.

Tropopause | 4 juin 2019

I was deprived of my wheels through a little trickery on Tesla's behalf. But I've been the recipient of some other surprises that I didn't necessarily earn so I'm willing to call it even. That's all I have to say about that.

larry | 4 juin 2019

I've been waiting since Dec, 2018 for the Arachnid Tire / Wheel prize. I've emailed several time to the referral program, and received very generic, extremely unhelpful replies. Seems there is no one who can check any type of paper trail, or any way to validate the prize, or accurately estimate the availability of the prize components. Even the parts folks at the local service center where the wheels are scheduled to be delivered have no idea where to check, or who to ask. I understand Tesla is a young company, and their customer service is going through growing pains - but there seems to be no leadership or organization in that dept at all, and things have gotten worse over time, instead of better. Hopefully I'll see my wheels before the vehicle gives out lol....

Silver2K | 5 juin 2019

Never had an issue with the delivery of the wheels. My 2nd set has been at mt kisco for over 8 months now and they plan on delivering them to Rochester for me to pick up.

Keep in touch with the service center. They will not tell you they have arrived.

EVRider | 5 juin 2019

@brianliyang: Unlike many others here, I’ve always received quick responses from the referral team via e-mail. I think this might be because I initially submitted a request using the support form on My Tesla with a request to escalate (which I think is no longer an option); my initial response from the referral team had a case number in the subject line, and I’ve been using that same e-mail thread ever since.

It’s hard to say that I would have gotten the wheels any sooner if there wasn’t an issue with my third referral, since other people are still waiting. I’m in no hurry to get the wheels, though the less mileage I put on my current wheels, the more I can sell them for later.

brianliyang | 5 juin 2019

I appreciate the responses, certainly sounds like the referral program hasn't been executed very well. Feels like each reward is a case-by-case situation. I guess I'll try and call up my local service center and see what they can do about ordering the wheels directly. I'm not in a rush to get my wheels either, but definitely want to make sure it doesn't fall through the cracks.

bart | 8 juin 2019

I'm still waiting to get a wall charger from August 2018 and set of arachnids from february 2019.