Air Conditioning compressor breakdown

Air Conditioning compressor breakdown

Has anyone experienced a failure of the air conditioning compressor that caused excessive current draw and the ultimate replacement of the compressor? It is a huge expensive.

redacted | 4 juin 2019

I've not seen any complaints about it in the forum.

SoCal Buzz | 4 juin 2019

Perhaps it's the DC/DC converter too?

“Technician did identify the AC compressor has short circuit and the DCDC converter has an internal short. Technician recommending replacement of the AC compressor and the DCDC converter. EST total cost is $4,031.38. This will be to address your AC concern. Would you like to proceed with replacing the DCDC Con and AC compressor or decline? Please feel free to let us know as we plan to order parts—Thank you.” | 4 juin 2019

@ltaylor300 - Sounds like your car is out of warranty? What's the year and mileage? Seems like a rare event, but not unheard of occurrence.

@SoCak - Early DC/DC converters could be taken out with a massive overload. A design change around 2014? eliminated most of that risk.

Bighorn | 4 juin 2019

Several failures, more commonly the resistive heater, can take out a non-serviceable fuse in the older DC-DC converters requiring replacement for ~$2000. Compressors are known to go bad per a service manager with whom I discussed future out-of-pocket expenses.