Clunking noise from rear and hissing from speaker

Clunking noise from rear and hissing from speaker

Anyone experience a clunking noise from the rear of the car while driving? Started about a month ago and initially I thought it was stuff in the trunk bouncing around, but yesterday i removed everything in the backseats and trunk and it's still making noise. I'm hoping it's a known issue so I know what to write when i make a service appointment.

A speaker on the right side of the car makes an inconsistent hissing sound since delivery. Initially, SC told me it was a known issue and would be fixed in a software update. Been almost a year and it's still going on.

Big-B | 5 juin 2019

I get the hissing as well, but only when it's really hot, which is every afternoon here in Central FL. The service tech said it was the cooling system, which makes sense, but it does sound like a speaker.

Does the clunk happen on acceleration, especially over uneven pavement? I had that issue, but an update cured it late last year. Seems it was an overzealous traction control activating the rear brake.

foodking | 5 juin 2019

the hissing sound happens when it's cool too. SC told me to keep track of when i happens so they know where to check the logs.

The clunk seems to happen randomly. sometimes the road is rough, sometimes its smooth. I sat in the back yesterday to try to pinpoint the sound. coming from in the trunk. couldn't stick my head in but it got louder when i folded a seat down. | 5 juin 2019

Long ago a few people had "clunk" type issues with the motor/differential on the Model S. See if the cluck is more likely to happen when you apply motor power and/or release power (acceleration/deceleration). If so, it may points to the the drivetrain. I'm sure Tesla can fix it too.

foodking | 5 juin 2019

Doesn't seem to make a difference with acceleration or deceleration. Does seem to happen more with deceleration and with settle changes in the road. Purposely drove through some minor potholes and it didn't make it "clunk"

While i was driving around trying to see if i can control the clunking noise, the hissing started. Parked so i could pinpoint the speaker. Turns out it's not a speaker. It's coming from the below the glove box. I couldn't hear anything from outside the car. Any ideas on this one? | 5 juin 2019

Behind the glovebox is the MCU/AP processor module. In the M3 it is liquid cooled. Perhaps you're hearing the coolant flow through the processor module? I didn't think you could hear it as I thought as it's fairly well isolated. It may also be some of us older folks have some hearing loss at high frequencies and don't notice it.

foodking | 6 juin 2019

I haven't been in any other M3 so i can't say if the hissing is normal. I just know it's been there since a few weeks after delivery and my wife and kids hear it.

Still can't figure out what i need to do with the car to make the clunking sound except the facts that it always happens when the rear wheels goes over the lip at the opening of my garage

foodking | 24 juin 2019

Turns out the clunking noise is from the rear seat latches being loose. SC wrapped it with some felt tape to fill in the gap. I would think you'd replace whatever part is worn or tighten whatever is loose. Oh well. Just in case anyone else gets a weird clunk, pop, or clicking sound.