Wh/mi Challenge

Wh/mi Challenge

Anyone play a game where you try to get the lowest wh/mi possible? I used to do it in the Prius, to try to get the most MPG possible, and I found myself trying to do with the 3. Winter was pretty rough, before the warmer weather came in I was averaging 320wh/mi. Now I"m finally starting to see some positive results. I think my personal best was 188wh/mi over 14-15 miles. This morning I was able to get 196 I don't know maybe it's just me?

Kary993 | 7 juin 2019

I try not to do it because as you are aware Prius owners are like obstacles on the road and it really is annoying.....that said my lowest is 164 over a 15 mile drive which included freeway speeds. The 164 didn't annoy other drivers as I could have probably been lower but didn't want to be an obstacle in the road.....

gmkellogg | 7 juin 2019

Well I never let myself become an obstacle, but I also don't drive on freeways much.

rxlawdude | 7 juin 2019

I used to average 241Wh/mi on the OEM tires. Now, with Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+, and after 5K miles, it's 275Wh/mi.

I'm not thrilled to use more than 10% additional energy. Then again, over the life of the tires, I don't think that would have made up the extra $500 a set for the MXM4s.

Magic 8 Ball | 7 juin 2019

Hypermiling is a competition event, you are far from alone.

gmkellogg | 7 juin 2019

Do you find the road noises are louder with the Pilots?

rxlawdude | 7 juin 2019

@gmkellogg, perhaps a slight bit more noise on rough or grooved pavement, but not enough to require turning the audio volume up.

gmkellogg | 7 juin 2019

Thanks RX, I was thinking of switching it was my time for new tires.

vmulla | 7 juin 2019

I was doing sub 200s last summer and hit 179 once. This is on a 30-mile highway commute with a trip average speed of 55mph.

legna_fo_htaed | 7 juin 2019

I have a few mountain passes near where I live and I've seen it at 91 before while going down them. That was awesome. Have even gained 2% to the battery this way down passes before too.

Vhuynh | 7 juin 2019

My average right now (7.8 K on the odometer) is 210 Wh/m. My lowest has been 165 wh/mile on a 25 mile stretch, night time driving, few cars on the roads, no A/C.

gmkellogg | 7 juin 2019

91? That's crazy.

I'm in the AWD so I'm not sure I"ll see 160 all that often, but that's still pretty impressive.

legna_fo_htaed | 7 juin 2019

Yup. It said I could go 999 miles. And I do also have the AWD.

82bert | 7 juin 2019

193 on a 19 mi commute.

legna_fo_htaed | 7 juin 2019

Well since we are here and these numbers will sound pretty unrealistic to some. I have a 2019 dual motor model 3. These Wh/Mi numbers are pretty outrageous (now granted going up the pass, these are in the 400-600 range sometimes. (-170!! Wh/Mi) (70 Wh/Mi)

gmkellogg | 7 juin 2019

Very nice Legna

httran26 | 7 juin 2019

LR RWD. I drive about 13 miles to work and about the same back.
My wh/mi is higher driving to work. I guess due to elevation.

65% is at 45mph. 35% is at 65-70mph. I park in a coveraged garage at work and at home so the car stays cool.

My lowest from work to home: 04/17/2019 - 153wh/mi - 84F, no A/C
Lowest home to work: 11/08/2018 - 188wh/mi - 58F, Climate Control 64F

gmkellogg | 7 juin 2019

@httran26 that's pretty impressive too. My Commute in (posted above) is all city streets, my commute home is a different path and has freeway travel so I tend to get higher wh/mi on the way home than on the way in.

ICEMELT | 7 juin 2019

In past I have heard people go into negative if driving downhill for long.

legna_fo_htaed | 7 juin 2019

@ICEMELT ^^^ I had it at -170

Magic 8 Ball | 7 juin 2019

Angel of Death

gmkellogg | 7 juin 2019


legna_fo_htaed | 7 juin 2019

M8B you got it. One of the few to ever figure it out.

gballant4570 | 7 juin 2019

I get trip averages below 200 routinely, now that winter is long gone..... and below 190 from time to time. I recently took a road trip to the OBX (total about 1500-1600 miles) and neglected to start a trip meter for it - my bad.... but I am thinking that the overall average was around 210.
Lifetime average (from 9 Oct 2018) is currently 244 and dropping from a high of 256 from the winter months. I'm expecting below the mid 230's for a year's average.

I go into negatives routinely, as leaving my house involves an initial 3 mile downhill stretch in most directions, but the fact is to return home the same hill must be climbed. But the lowest was about -20.....

gmkellogg | 7 juin 2019

I honestly would be happy with 210. Most freeway travel I've done has gotten me around 220-230.

lilbean | 7 juin 2019

@legna I got it right away. I worked at the hospital he worked at.

legna_fo_htaed | 7 juin 2019

@lilbean really? Now that is interesting. Must be some cool stories behind that.

Anyway as to not hijack @gmkellogg's post, anyone notice that autopilot is not very efficient when it comes to Wh/Mi? I seem to always have a better average that NOAP will.

Sparky | 7 juin 2019

Why would you try to hyper mile a car that doesn't burn any gas? Unless I'm trying to stretch range to a SuperCharger or home I just floor it and have fun. Isn't that kind of the point of this particular EV?

jhn | 7 juin 2019

I’ll be driving down the Mount Washington auto road this weekend.
Thats 12% grade down hill for ~7.5 miles. I’ll let you know how negative I go!

CharleyBC | 7 juin 2019

I forget the numbers, but I've been negative over several miles descending from the Sierra on I-80.

wiscy67 | 7 juin 2019

I follow energy efficiency and usually get in 190's for my work commute. I also do this:
Check the projected range after I charge. For simplicity call it 200 miles. Then I drive a 2-3 days and before I charge again I look at the trip meter "Since last charge". I'll add the new projected range before charging to the miles I drove since last charge to see how I fared. Lately I've been reaching that original projected range and have cut back on phantom drain.

It's a quick test that I don't spend too much time on. I really enjoy the acceleration and one pedal driving.

teslu3 | 7 juin 2019

Average is 206 wh/mi with 26k miles, RHD aero. Mostly a 100 mile commute with few stops on mountain highway or I5 in Socal with traffic that limits speed. Best commute round trip was 165 wh/mi, not hypermiling, just slow to moderate traffic, not much exceeding speed limit. Did a 4200 mile trip to NoLa, avg 260 wh/mi with some long stretches over 80mph on noisy TX grooved roads, but return had a long downhill from Tecate Divide with no net usage for 22 miles. EAP is good except it does not anticipate slowing traffic ahead, so back to manual. Recent 5k miles: avg 178 mi/wh.

Tronguy | 7 juin 2019

@Sparky: Two answers. First, money is money and it costs to charge the car. A lot less than with gas, but still. (Those of us with solar panels may now snigger madly.)
Second: As long as there are people, there are races. Trying to stop such activity is useless. | 7 juin 2019

At about 3800 pounds the Model 3 RWD LR weighs about 3800 pounds. Musk and Straubel reported range I data for the MS 85 RWD once upon a time that indicated that the rolling resistance plus overhead energy consumption (electronics, climate control et al) of the MS was in the neighborhood of 180 watt hours per mile exclusive of air resistance. This suggests that, if one drives the Model 3 very slowly over level terrain in nice weather at something like 70 degrees F, they should experience a minimum of about 144 watt hours per mile after driving a reasonable distance to wash out the effect of initial kinetic energy consumption required to get up to speed. | 7 juin 2019

Whoops. Hit save to soon. The first sentence should read "The Model 3 RWD LR weighs about 3800 pounds about 20% less than the Model S85 RWD."

Magic 8 Ball | 7 juin 2019

Sniggering madly, whatever that is. | 7 juin 2019

Too soon...I hate typing on the iPad.

charles.a.braun | 7 juin 2019

I am routinely ending my 55 mile commute in the 170s to work. Coming home, 260s.

ADinM3 | 7 juin 2019

To make this meaningful, I think people need to use the trip counters and report energy usage over at least 500 miles or more. 15-30 miles is just too short.

So far I have to give the thread crown to @teslu3 with @Vhuynh being a close second. Below 210 averages over thousands of miles is insane. I can only assume you guys must be driving with a block of wood under the accelerator pedal.

eandmjep | 7 juin 2019

180 on a 45 mile commute in summer.

Sparky | 7 juin 2019

@Tronguy; very true but this is a competition that takes away from the fun of driving a performance EV. I'd rather have the fun. :-)

kevin_rf | 8 juin 2019

Sparky, not all of us bought the Model 3 for raw power. I have actually found on my commute I drive slower than in my Prius days. In the Prius I was always in the left lane doing 75-85. Now I'm usually in the middle Lane doing 70-75. Prius's are not slow, certain Prius drivers are... My last speeding ticket in a Prius was 86 in a 65, I passed the cop.

I do find the concept of who has the lowest Wm/h humorous. I am often still negative when I reach the highway in the morning with most of the morning commute being sub 230, but the evening commute is usually in the 270/280's. It very dependant on the road.

If anyone is up to the challenge, who can get sub 300's on I-190 doing Worcester ma to Leominster ma and back. It just can't be done... Even the mileage on my past Prius's took a hit.

franc90D | 8 juin 2019

I got started doing this before I had a Tesla. I had a 2012 Chevy Volt and I routinely stretched it to 49-50 mi (rated at 36) to not use gas. So with my MS (260wh/mi 25K miles), and now my M3 (201 Wjh/mi - without trying) - I still continue this game. I drive in the right lane when I do to not be an obstacle

I do accelerate slowly as this has a big impact and brake early to maximize regen.

Tesla2018 | 8 juin 2019

I my commute to work I can either take the highway which is 15 miles or take the local roads which is about 13 miles. On the highway trip I usually get about 250, and on the local roads I can get to about 180. I'm in Florida and all the roads here are flat.

I've noticed that now that it is in the 90s everyday and I have my air conditioner on, my range has dropped. Previously each month they would go down a little and my total average is about 242, but last month it went up to about 250. The car is 10 months old and has about 9000 miles on it

joe.lynn.atp | 8 juin 2019

I did this off and on for the 12 years I drove a Prius. I'm finding the technique is much different in a M3 with the stronger regen: pulse/glide doesn't work at all unless the terrain is really rolling. But the basics of anticipating a stop and maximizing regen approaching it, and being reasonable with acceleration when starting still apply.

My commute to work seems to have a slight drop in elevation, and I always get better efficiency going to work than I do coming home. Once the weather warmed up and I turned off the heat, I saw a huge drop in Wh/m. With no heat or AC in the morning, I can often get under 180 for 24 miles with a mix of freeway and secondary roads. With AC I can still get under 200. Going home now is usually around 230.

I reset my odometer each month. April was my best efficiency: 217 w/Mi for 1370 miles. I am at 264 Wh/mi for 14,200 miles. This is with an AWD M3.

gmr6415 | 8 juin 2019

This past spring 179 on the highway, 158 around town.

tung1900 | 8 juin 2019

Last night I went to a parking lot and push the car. For a short distance I got -10w/hr. ;= ),

charles.a.braun | 8 juin 2019
jim0266 | 8 juin 2019

My LR RWD has about 1,200 miles on it. Set one of the trip counters to lifetime. I'm at 214 Wh/Mi. Most of that is highway or secondary roads, very little city driving. I'm usually at 63mph in a 65 zone. Amazed at the efficiency of the car.

Ken Bob | 8 juin 2019

Just got my AWD 3 days ago and the lowest I saw was 179 over 30 miles. Had I shut my air off and not hit the pedal hard to test the acceleration, it would have been better. Seems like I’m getting around 210 if I use adaptive cruise control.

jhn | 9 juin 2019

Back from the Mt. Washington auto road. Six miles gaining about one vertical mile. 1394 Wh/Mi average going up, -828 Wh/Mi coming down. Used “50 miles” of range going up, gained 25 coming down. Didn’t touch the brakes once coming down. Regen all the way.