Model S Fully discharged! Now what?

Model S Fully discharged! Now what?

We were at 48 miles of range yesterday when we parked the car at the mall. Minutes later, I received a notification of low range and the range was at 0.
We had to have the car towed to nearest supercharger a mile away.
From the get go, the supercharger recharge rate was unusually low (37m/hour) , so we switched to another one, but same thing. Worse, the charge rate kept declining until it was down to one mile per hour. We decided to leave the car supercharge overnight so we could at least drive it to the nearest service center in Miramar this morning.
Two hours later, i received a charging complete notification with the car at 37 miles of range.
An hour later, the range was down to 20 miles, even though the car was still plugged in to the supercharger and hadn't moved.
This morning, I can't access the car through the app, so I suspect it's completely discharged.
I'm planning to call AAA so they can tow the car to the Service Center, but before I do that, I'm curious: assuming the car is fully discharged, will we be able to:
- open the car
- unplug it from the supercharger
- put it in Drive mode
- will it roll on to the tow truck
or do we need special arrangements?
Let me know if you've ever been in that situation.

Captain_Zap | 9 juin 2019

This is a unicorn as far as I know.

redacted | 9 juin 2019

I think the car has a battery leak. OP should look underneath and see if there's electricity coming out.

I'd recommend calling Tesla about this one.

Tropopause | 9 juin 2019


BarryQ | 9 juin 2019

Why would you call AAA instead of Tesla? Your car probably has an 8 year unlimited miles main battery warranty.

murphyS90D | 9 juin 2019

More likely the 12 volt battery is dead. When the HVB gets too low the car stops charging the 12 volt battery. Without the 12 volt battery there is no way to connect the HVB to the car. Do you know how to open the frunk manually? How it is done depends on the year of the car. If this is the case you will need to connect a jumper battery to the 12 volt battery to wake it up. 2014 before the D models or earlier it is easy, pry off the nosecone and the jumper terminals are right there on the steel cross beam.

vpaquet | 9 juin 2019

so somehow, we unplugged and replugged the supercharger this morning and it now works (and I've had the car for 6 years, so I know it was properly plugged). The car is now charging at 216m per hour. Go figure.
I'm hoping it's the 12V battery acting up, but at least, I should be able to drive the car to the service center!
Thanks for your comments (and yes, @BarryQ, good point on the warranty).

kerryglittle | 9 juin 2019

Sometimes a bad or loose ground wire can cause so many problems and hard to find too. Hope its a simple fix.