Tesla model 3 was towed and damaged

Tesla model 3 was towed and damaged

Here is a complete detail of the event with pictures and videos.

Magic 8 Ball | 9 juin 2019

Cool story bro.

Bummer you parked illegally. Mess with the bull get the horns. | 9 juin 2019

Nice having the video, but what a pain and expense. If you are lucky, some of those may be just scuff marks rather than actual scratches. I've seen some really bad looking paint marks that came right out without any real scratches, but some of those do look nasty.

Magic 8 Ball | 9 juin 2019

Okay, just peeked at vid. They put it on a hook truck, not a flatbed. Not cool.

Warez | 9 juin 2019

Sue them for damages. These amateurs shouldn’t be in towing business.

mrburke | 9 juin 2019

I have been told that if (I were to) tow a car off of private property and it got damaged, I would be liable.
I don't know if that is the case in this situation, but as it was private property, they can't hide behind the "you can't sue the government" | 9 juin 2019

Those are real scratches. I probably have to suck up on the fees but I'm mad that they damaged my car and now I have to go through my insurance and deal with it.
Here is the sign at the entrance of the parking lot. | 9 juin 2019

They towed my car around 11 PM so it's probably because they considered me no longer a customer since the coffee shop is closed. What's the point of having the midnight wording if they start towing when the shop is closed (~10:00pm) anyway.

Pepperidge | 9 juin 2019
"What's the point of having the midnight wording if they start towing when the shop is closed (~10:00pm) anyway."
Towing companies are towing for profit. It is easy to spot illegally parked car after the shop is closed.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 9 juin 2019

My sister got towed from a condo she was staying at. Her teenager tossed the bright yellow octagonal shaped parking pass on the dash but it was face down. Asshole towing company said they couldn’t rule out a fake parking pass since they couldn’t read the number.

howard | 9 juin 2019

Sorry about the damage. There are compensated spotters that get paid to report private parking lot violations directly to the tow companies. Tow truck company races over as soon as they get the call often not paying attention to or giving a crap about the legitimacy or your car. I know from a bad similar situation in Chicago many years ago. Your insurance company may go after them or small claims court directly. They damaged your property and should be responsible. May be a lot of effort to get it.

ODWms | 10 juin 2019

My wife’s one year old 1988 Nissan Sentra was damaged by a towing company in Miami that we had called and paid for to tow to my house. When I saw the car after I got home from work I couldn’t believe my eyes. The front of the car including the bumper and half the hood was badly scratched and damaged. It literally looked like intentional damage. You could even see shoe prints on top of the bumper!

I drive the car to the towing place to show them, expecting denials and arguing. They didn’t even try to deny it. I even pointed to the shoe prints on the car, and the owner called the young guy out and chewed him out in front of me. He paid for everything, including a rental while the car was being professionally repainted. Never did get an explanation as to why the car was damaged, and that badly at that. Crazy.

aptwo | 10 juin 2019

Sorry for the damages but how do you have such clear quality videos? mine is all jacked up most of the time on the repeater cameras. What USB drive are you using?

mrburke | 10 juin 2019

Years ago, I watch a Porsche 911 fall of the back of a flatbed tow truck because it was not secured properly. Talk about damage. Ouch.

andrewsjra | 6 décembre 2019

My model 3 just got towed today. My company moved to a new building and didn’t tell any of the employees you had to sign in your vehicle on a sheet in the lobby with no receptionist. Within a few hours of my training I received an alarm. By the time I got to the parking lot I saw it being towed away. They stopped to give me their card but would not release it to me. So stupid. Anyways it wasn’t a flat bed but it wasn’t exactly a Crain style either. All 4 tires were sitting on the metal. Not sure how to really explain it but hopefully they didn’t damage anything. I checked when I got home and haven’t noticed anything on the bottom around the car.

M3phan | 6 décembre 2019

@ andrewsjra, sounds like your company screwed up and screwed over all the employees. I’d be effing PO’d if that happened to me.
Our cars can’t just get towed any old way. I’d inform your company of that fact, tell them you’re taking your car to Tesla for an inspection, and any damage found will be their responsibility.