$195 Diagnostic Fee

$195 Diagnostic Fee

My 2017 100D has been giving me false front collision alerts almost weekly. It was brought in previously to have the sensors "re-calibrated" and seemed alright for awhile. Now, the problem is back and I scheduled another appointment along with all the date and time stamps of when the alarm went off. Of course, even with the timestamps, the general reply was "we don't see anything wrong". Same response as the first time I brought the car in.

I was contacted by a "virtual adviser" and was basically told to consult the user manual because "false alerts" occur sometimes. I can see that argument, but "sometimes" doesn't equate to weekly occurrences. To sum things up, Marcus told me that if the service center cannot duplicate the alert, I would be charged with a $195 diagnostic fee. I've never heard of such a thing with a vehicle still under the new car warranty. I felt like I was discouraged from even bringing the vehicle in. Is this now Tesla's common practice? Feels like such a absurdity.

barrykmd | 10 juin 2019

Seems they re accelerating their "piss off the established customer" marketing strategy. Doesn't seem very smart for a company that depends on word of mouth and doesn't advertise..

Mathew98 | 10 juin 2019

I've seen that charge for being unable to duplicate a reported error. If you can figure out the pattern of replicated issue, then the fee is waived. They really don't want to chase their own tail.

This this the same with traditional service dept. I am not saying I agree with the policy, but I understand...

Silver2K | 10 juin 2019

If the car is under warranty the fee is waived from what I've been told. The fee starts off at 1/2 hr and only goes to a full hr if needed.

I believe this screenshot shows what you're referring to!AihnWpuO55swiPVSUJ-763-3FiJybw

Silver2K | 10 juin 2019
rdr1rx | 10 juin 2019

I had a speaker buzz coming from the driver's door of my S about a year or so ago that occurred only at night and was amplified with the turn signals. SC said to take pics/video for documentation and to email them. Helped tremendously with diagnosis (a short in the main screen wiring harness) without a "we didn't find anything wrong" scenario. See if your SC will accept pics/video.

redacted | 11 juin 2019

I'm curious, are they merited or unmerited weekly alerts? I get them on a semi regular basis because autopilot doesn't realize, for example, that a car will be out of the lane by the time I get there, or because it's a wussie back seat driver and doesn't like my deceleration style.