Los Angles ---> Phoenix ---> Los Angeles

Los Angles ---> Phoenix ---> Los Angeles

I will be taking our model 3 performance from LA to PHX and then 4 days later back to LA. Any suggestions. I used a couple different trip planners but I am new to Tesla, the car only has 300 miles on it. Im open to any advice.


charles.a.braun | 17 juin 2019

On the morning of your trip to PHX get in the car and type your destination into the Navigation System.

Do as instructed by the Navigation System.

On the morning of your 4th day into the trip as you are about to head back to LA, get in the car and this time press the Voice command button and say "Take me to Los Angeles California"

Do as instructed by the Navigation System.

patch_adams502003 | 17 juin 2019


jim | 17 juin 2019

Range is subject to the way you drive and real world conditions. If you drive fast, range will be reduced. If the navigation system tells you that you will reach the next supercharger with with little spare charge left (say less than 15%), you might find that you'll have to slow down to reach the charger and would have been better off charging sooner. Enjoy the trip!

jimglas | 17 juin 2019

charge to 100% just before you leave and do what the navigation tells you too. easy peasy.
(dont speed too much)

kevin_rf | 17 juin 2019

I would charge to 90-95% and just plan on hitting each SC with 20-30% margin for your first trip.

Los Angeles | 17 juin 2019

@Mrburke thanks I tinted the back window pretty dark so I just purchased the Front one. I am hoping the Front one is actually the window above the front passenger and driver seat, and not the front windshield for when you park.

@Kevin thanks

tps | 17 juin 2019

I just did the reverse of your trip this weekend. Its quite easy and low stress.

Indio is one of the '80%' superchargers -- limited due to demand -- and it was slow (22kW) when I stopped on the way back.

I would recommend charging the minimum time at each charging station to arrive at the next supercharger with only your reserve comfort level. For example, stop charging when the navigator shows you will have between 10% and 20% at the next stop.

Both Quartzite and Buckeye easy on and off. If you plan a meal break, I recommend Buckeye as there are more (fast food) choices than Quartzite.

Lastly, in Phoenix the Biltmore Fashion Park supercharger on Camelback is convenient, just a couple miles off of Hwy 51. Both superchargers in Scotsdale are convenient to the 202 loop and always have a few stalls available.

Daryl | 18 juin 2019

I just made the reverse trip last week too, though I only went as far as Diamond Bar, which is a little closer than LA. I was fine with one stop each way at Quartzsite. I did get tired of Carl's Jr., though. In the winter there is a nice restaurant just east of Carl's Jr that you can walk to while your car is charging, but they shut down in the summer.

There were 4 temporary chargers at Q in addition to the 8 permanent ones when I was there, but note that they top out at about 50 kW, so use one of the other chargers if you can.

Cabazon is a nice stop along the way, if you can get your wife (and yourself) back out of the outlet stores by the time you are charged. It tends to get really busy on weekends, sometimes with Teslas queued up to charge. Indio works too, with different restaurant choices.

I've heard other people recommend Buckeye for charging, but for me it just seems too close to home. It doesn't seem right to stop so soon after leaving home, and with a nearly full battery at that point the charge rate would be slower. Coming the other way it might make more sense.

We stayed at one of the Ayre's hotels while we were in southern CA and liked it a lot. Most of them have destination chargers. I know you don't need a hotel in LA, but somebody else reading this might like the recommendation.

Los Angeles | 18 juin 2019

tps & Daryl THANK YOU. I was thinking about trying to stop at Cabazon and then going to I wish they had bird scooters at the SC so you could go get something to eat other than fast food but I guess that would leave the cars there to long.

billlake2000 | 18 juin 2019

I wonder if with faster charging rates, there won't be enough time to eat, shop, wee-wee, etc. But if advanced summon gets to working nicely, and the snake chargers are in place, we'll be able to back out of the way and park nearby till we come back.

StealthP3D | 18 juin 2019

I did this trip a while back with no stress, there were so many chargers along the way. Also, when it thinks you won't make it, there's a warning that says slow down, there's a super charger in indeo that for some reason didn't show up in car but did on Google. Oh and pray you don't get a crack in the windshield.

Frank99 | 18 juin 2019

Hadley's is a great stop for dates and dried fruits/nuts. I love me a good date shake, but no one else in my family likes them so I seldom stop.

It's a really easy trip. If you plan on stopping in Quartzsite, then there's no need to charge to 100% before setting out - it's probably 180 or so miles away (depending on where you start from), and easily within 80% range of your car even with the A/C on. Temperature isn't an issue with the car - it's perfectly happy and comfortable to drive in even on those occasional 122F days, although it looks like it's actually gonna be below 100F this weekend.

Los Angeles | 18 juin 2019

@Frank99 thats a good point I was going to start out at 100 but maybe thats pointless.

Bighorn | 18 juin 2019

100% is only needed if the first stop is at the edge of possible for lack of superchargers or if someone is stressing about the total elapsed time. Might save 10 or 15 minutes for the entire trip.

Grbauctions | 18 juin 2019

I've Done the trip a few times and Doing more stops with shorter Charge times if better....

This app sorta does the same plan. I can make it to Phx From Corona with one stop but Id rather do two stops for less time.

Los Angeles | 18 juin 2019

@GrBauctions - Thanks. Im new to Tesla so 10% is a little tight. But I see what you mean. The interesting thing is Tesla trip planner recommends stoping in Indio (20 Minutes) and Quartzite (35 minutes). Part of me was thinking do I just divert to Palm Springs and make 1 longer stop at a place with a decent restaurant. But I dont see any super chargers at hotels or restaurants.

Los Angeles | 19 juin 2019

Just found out that this charger is open so thinking of making a detour:

sbeggs | 20 juin 2019

We'll be in the desert and will check it out this November while enjoying a fine lunch around the corner at le Vallauris!

Los Angeles | 20 juin 2019

@sbeggs - super charger is by a place called cheekys that looks pretty good.

Daryl | 20 juin 2019

@Los Angeles I was thinking about trying to stop at Cabazon and then going to

We frequently used to stop at Hadley's when we did the trip in an ICE vehicle, but it's just a little too far to walk from the Cabazon charger, though of course you could always drive on the frontage road after charging.

Los Angeles | 20 juin 2019

@Daryl thanks. I still think Tesla and Bird Scooters need to make some sort of partnership. But since finding out that the Palm Spring SC is now open I think we are going to reroute there and get a solid meal.


Los Angeles | 22 juin 2019

Palm Springs now shows up in the car navigation... I think ill stop there

sbeggs | 22 juin 2019

@Los Angeles,
Excellent! Interested to hear your tips and impressions.

Los Angeles | 23 juin 2019

Anyone know why Tesla/trips and a better route planner are both showing that I can't make it from Tesla Charger in Palm Springs that is now open to BUCKYEY without stopping at Cabazon?


Bighorn | 23 juin 2019

Sometimes the Nav does not seem aware of the charging capability of new SC sites even though they show up on the map.

dallinjhales | 23 juin 2019

We are in the middle of our Phoenix->LA->Phoenix in our Standard Range. Our car was loooaded with stuff so we charged a little extra each time. It was a little nerve racking pulling off at Quartzite in the ghetto, but luckily SC's were there after all :D

audstes | 23 juin 2019

Done that trip several times and actually just drove PHX to LA today. We always do Quartzite and then looking on the map and getting stall availability this afternoon decided to stop at Indio. This is the second trip it was way less crowded than Cabazon. But Indio limited the charge to 80%. But that was fine to get us to the Palisades. We finished with 70 miles.

Los Angeles | 24 juin 2019

@audstes thanks but now there is an option in Palm Springs. Yes a bit off from a direct route but I think its worth it.

Earl and Nagin ... | 24 juin 2019

Quartzite is only a ghetto in the literal sense since it is filled with Canadians for December through February and pretty much nobody the rest of the year. Its actually pretty safe since the Canadians are just thawing out and causing no trouble. When there's nobody there, while a bit barren, there's nobody there to cause trouble.

Los Angeles | 29 juin 2019

Drive was really great. Stopped at the new super charger in Palm Springs, and Quartzite. The auto drive was incredible. I appreciate all the advice in this thread. oddly the thing that came in most handy was from mrburke who said to buy the sunscreens. Even with them the AZ sun is pounding.

You know the car is great when you are actually Looking forward to a 7 hour drive home.

sbeggs | 29 juin 2019

@Los Angeles,
Nice! Any tips or impressions about the Palm Springs SC? Did you eat anywhere nearby?

EM34ME | 29 juin 2019

"@Los Angeles I was thinking about trying to stop at Cabazon and then going to

We frequently used to stop at Hadley's when we did the trip in an ICE vehicle, but it's just a little too far to walk from the Cabazon charger, though of course you could always drive on the frontage road after charging."

Hadley's is now closed permanently. I was there today. Property has a for lease sign on it.

Los Angeles | 1 juillet 2019

@sbeggs be award during the summer season some of the restaurants have different hours than published. We went to Koffi it was pretty good.