How do I remove the warning stickers from the sun visors?

How do I remove the warning stickers from the sun visors?

Those stickers are really stuck on, and I don't want to rip the soft fabric. My sales rep. suggested using a heat gun and dental floss. I don't have a heat gun, but I suppose I could use a blow dryer or iron. Anyone here successfully remove both the stickers and the adhesive?

BarryQ | 18 juin 2019

DON'T DO IT!!! I tried, and landed up making a big mess of the visor. I ended up replacing one visor. Just live with it. Trust me!

thranx | 18 juin 2019

Years ago there was a method posted that involved gently and repeatedly dabbing the sticker with a sponge or soft cloth soaked in...regrets that I can't remember the liquid involved. Perhaps another forum reader remembers.

rxlawdude | 18 juin 2019

One question: why?
One reason to not do it: Potential liability to subsequent purchaser. You've removed federally mandated warning materials.

ST70 | 18 juin 2019

You're just crazy

Tldickerson | 18 juin 2019

@ST70, aren't you the nicest person? Didn't you get layed or what?

lilbean | 18 juin 2019

@thranx Wasn't it rubbing alcohol?

jjs | 18 juin 2019

I have successfully done this on a 2013 S with an Alacantra (sp) lining. It is done, PATIENTLY, by dabbing the sticker with 90%, or more, isopropyl alcohol. This will take a while as the alcohol seeps around the edge of the label and slowly loosens it. The end result was good, not great. Everything came off cleanly. The only issue was that the alacantra was a tab matted down. I doubt you would have the same issue with fabric. Overall I'm glad I did it. It looks better than the sticker.

As for why? For me it was two reasons: 1) The labels are UGLY, 2) Rebelling against the nanny state.

So does that make me crazy? Well, my wife would agree with that assessment of me, but not because I removed some stickers from some visors.

Anyway OP, I hope this helps. If you decide to do this, please let us know how it turns out. There are plenty of other crazy people out there that would be interested.

@BarryQ How did you try to do this? I think a heat gun and floss is a bad idea.

jjs | 18 juin 2019

@ST70 Missed the humor 1st pass. Nice. Made me smile, belatedly.

Yodrak. | 18 juin 2019

"My sales rep. suggested using a heat gun and dental floss."

Works great for removing badges, not so great for removing visor stickers. Find a new sales rep..

ST70 | 18 juin 2019

:-) and yes I need to get layed or even better laid....wifey are you reading this?

BarryQ | 18 juin 2019

@JJS - I used "Not a flamethrower" to heat it and a nuclear powered angle grinder to remove it. Bad result!

crazy canaler | 18 juin 2019

Thanks everyone.

Crazy is a highly subjective and relative term.

@JJS Actually it is Alcantara. Just on the sun visors. And they just had to put stickers on it! Crazy!

I might just wait for a sibling more experienced with sticker removal - aka a Mom - to take care of it in exchange for letting her drive my Model S. Ooh wait - which part of that is crazier?! Give her a chance to wreck my sun visor for a chance to wreck my car!

@ Barry Q Good advice.

sentabo | 18 juin 2019

This thread made me smile.

revrev4ruach | 19 juin 2019

Still grinning.

ST70, you're just funny. | 19 juin 2019

At least they are small stickers. I've had several other ICE cars in the past where the entire width/height of the visor is the "lawyer" sticker with the usual claims that you will die if you don't read paragraphs of fine print, how they are not responsible for anything, you were a fool to buy this death machine and enjoy your ride!

jjs | 19 juin 2019

BarryQ - Funny. Thx

tes-s | 19 juin 2019

Now that you got them off, how to you get through the government checkpoints without getting arrested? Or is it only a felony to remove them; not having them is ok?

Tropopause | 19 juin 2019

If those stickers weren't there, how in the world would we remember to be safe?!?

WattsThatGrin | 20 juin 2019

Is the sticker always on the passenger side? Also in left hand drive countries? If that's the case, try to organize a 'clear' driver side sun visor from our friends who drive on the wrong side of the road! :-)

rxlawdude | 20 juin 2019

While you may be sentient enough to heed the warnings, a subsequent owner may not be.

@jjs, ever hear of cutting your nose off to spite your face? Removing safety notices will get your ass in a wringer if the person you sold it to suffers an injury. So, it's not the nanny state that will come after you.

Honestly, why people feel the need to remove "stickers" sounds more vanity related than sanity.

DonS | 20 juin 2019

So the stickers are dumb.... look out the window instead of staring at the visors.

jjs | 20 juin 2019

@ rxlawdude - They will have to pry my cold dead hands off the steering wheel of my 2013 S, before it is sold. C.H. (slightly modified)

rxlawdude | 20 juin 2019

@jjs, that's a different story then. :-)

NKYTA | 20 juin 2019

I keep ripping off those mattress tabs.

How am I looking @rxlawdude?

Answer: both the law, and my action are without merit, and are unspeakably dumb.

But all in good fun, right?

A Supreme Court that actually factored in common sense would be awesome.
Not holding my breath.

rmitchum | 23 juin 2019

Alas, as published since the first century and likely noted long before:

"Common sense is generally rare" so not holding my breath either.

rxlawdude | 23 juin 2019

@NKYTA, you can remove those tags legally as the end user/consumer. A seller cannot remove them, so people will theoretically know what they are buying.