Upgrading to Premium Audio on SR+

Upgrading to Premium Audio on SR+

I have recently spoke to some people from Tesla and they have stated that it is possible to purchase premium audio on the SR+ model. Has anyone done this? The audio on the SR+ isn't the best, and I have heard that the premium audio on the Model 3 is incredible. If any of you have done so, what were the costs? I tried calling back to inquire on the prices but I was kept on hold forever and ultimately gave up.

wiscy67 | 19 juin 2019

Wait a second. You spoke to Tesla service personnel who have all the pertinent info but you didn't ask for any and now you're asking us?

What parts do they need to order? How long does it take to order them? How long does it take for them to install them? Oh, yes and how much does it cost?

What did you find out exactly? Just curious.

aaandre94 | 19 juin 2019

All I found out is that it was possible to upgrade to premium audio. I want to know the price.

wiscy67 | 19 juin 2019

Ok, it would be great if Tesla did offer a la carte options for missing features such as premium audio but I haven't heard this. If they did they would probably list it in their online shop for purchase. Others have reported using a 3rd party to improve audio for SR+.
Here's one link I found from another forum. There are several discussions on aftermarket upgrades but nothing I've seen from Tesla for audio add-ons.

gballant4570 | 20 juin 2019

The fact that it is possible does not actually indicate that there is a price. I could possibly sell you my Model 3, but I won't. So there is no price.

lordmiller | 20 juin 2019

Why does someone buy the SR+ and want premium audio? Buy the car with the premium audio and you'll have it. WTF

sl7vk | 20 juin 2019

At the time of purchase there were 12,000 reasons for me to not purchase the premium audio.

cosmicwarrior | 20 juin 2019

@lordmiller... some people cannot afford the $10k price difference between the models for simple premium audio. You shouldn't have to pay $10k extra just to have premium audio on a $40k car...Why ask such a stupid question?

Mr. Spacely | 20 juin 2019

I have SR+ and find the stereo to be good, but it could certainly use an upgrade. I'd pay $500 for premium audio, and another $300 for the satellite maps and live traffic. The audio requires a bass speaker install and some Tesla expense, but the maps are just a software update away...

xwedge | 20 juin 2019

I'd be interested in this too. @aaandre94 track the tesla employees down and demand more info :-P

R3d0x | 20 juin 2019

Being Canadian my option for the premium interior came with dual motors and longer range, neither of which I needed for my M3. At close to $17,000 the difference in price wasn't worth it to me. I'd love to pay for the parts to get the sub and missing amp. I'd even pay for the software change to get the maps and streaming audio. How about rear heated seats? (I understand the hardware is there) I might pay for that too. I've told Tesla all of this in the past. Who knows? Maybe one day these will be options if enough owners tell Tesla that they want some of these things.

Lonestar10_1999 | 20 juin 2019

I believe the Tesla staff that said its possible to purchase a premium audio upgrade for the SR+ are misinformed. This wouldn’t be the first time that Tesla staff misquoted Tesla policy.

It’s not that it impossible for it to ever be offered, its just that its simply not available today nor in the near future.

rchau28 | 20 juin 2019

@lordmiller, FYI, it's a 10k price difference from SR+ (partial premium) to LR (premium audio).
I might consider upgrading the audio if the price is reasonable.

dwakelee | 20 juin 2019

There is no subwoofer installed in the SR or SR+ (with partial premium interior). So we are talking a hardware upgrade, not just a simple software option. Historically Tesla has not done this sort of thing. However, things could be changing - as Homelink will now be a service installed optional extra.

Never heard anything about this though. Believe the Tesla rep on the phone may have been thinking about the premium connectivity option which gets you music streaming and satellite maps. That is supposed to be coming soon for purchase for those who have an SR, or SR+ with only partial premium interior. No price announced yet.

ODWms | 21 juin 2019

The Harvey Levinson sound system cost $10,000 more on the Lexus, and that's all you get. At least with the extra $10k on the Tesla Model 3 you're getting an entirely upgraded car along with the premium sound system.

supersuperten | 21 juin 2019

Having premium audio on the M3 is useless, the car doesnt even have good sound treatment.

model3cars | 21 juin 2019

There's a how-to guide to make inactive speakers work and add in a sub for SR/SR+ through aftermarket equipments. Might be helpful for some dyi people.

Go to teslaownersonline dot com and search for thread "Guide: Model 3 SR+ aftermarket to enable speakers and subwoofer upgrade install"

priit | 22 juin 2019

Here in Australia our options are SR+ or Performance with about $28,000 difference. A bit more than anyone would be willing to pay for audio upgrade.

rajan900 | 22 juin 2019

Is it just a case of wiring in the speakers which aren't connected or do you need to add in an extra amp as well?
Would be surprised if Tesla had 2 different amps for the speakers so hopefully it's the same one which you can just wire the speakers in to and then get an extra one for the sub.

chezpaul | 22 juin 2019

I just talked to a Tesla service rep this Monday while my car was getting fixed for rattling noises(in right front dashboard), which they haven't fixed by the way. Anyway, I'm a sound engineer and told the guy Tesla should have upgrade paths for people like me who now would like to have the premium sound but bought the SR+.
He said well you can do it of course, it'll just cost you $2000 done by Tesla but that it would be smarter for me to go with some other 3rd party company for only $800. He said all the guys he knows who work with him and own Tesla's have done that.
This was in Los Angeles.

rxlawdude | 22 juin 2019

"The Harvey Levinson sound system..."

That's only on the TMZ Model 3. :-)

thedrisin | 22 juin 2019

"The Harvey Levinson sound system..."
That is MARK Levinson. Mark Levinson is a brilliant high-end audio engineer. Company was taken over, including his name. Went on to design other systems.

thedrisin | 22 juin 2019

I like the fact that can't upgrade to premium sound. That sets apart the premium vehicles and retain their value.

Good bargain if someone can upgrade themselves for $800. That would easily cost twice as much around me. They see someone with a Tesla and ka-ching.

Lonestar10_1999 | 22 juin 2019

@thedrisen - I agree with you for SR owners. They paid the minimum and they knew the audio would be subprime. But for SR+ owners, they were told the audio would be superior to the SR and would have the immersive effect.

Most SR+ owners cannot hear a difference whether or not the immersive sound is enabled. Clearly the SR+ audio hardware is insufficient to support the immersive experience. It would be great if there was an upgrade path to enhance the immersive sound, even if the entire audio system does not measure up to the Premium Audio offered in the MR or LR.

aaandre94 | 22 juin 2019

@chezpaul the service rep said they would for sure do it for $2000?

aaandre94 | 22 juin 2019

@dwakelee the service rep i spoke to said the subwoofer will cost us $195

chezpaul | 22 juin 2019


No, he didn't say for sure. He just said I think it's t least $2000.
But I also have this problem with immersive sound. I have the normal or enhanced setting available and when I change it nothing happens. I told the rep and he said well that's normal, the SR+doesn't have immersive. I said well why give me the option in settings and the speakers? He said it just wasn't available to ST+.

I say bullshit from most of what comes out of their mouth. From my rattling that won't stop even after they say they opened up my dashboard to this, software saying one thing and him another.

I think they just don't know and invent an answer.

thedrisin | 23 juin 2019

@Lonestar. "Most SR+ owners cannot hear a difference whether or not the immersive sound is enabled."

I have found the quality of the immersive effect depends on the music and is more or less during some passages. Even when I can feel vibration over the speaker, you cannot always hear distinct immersive effect.

Lonestar10_1999 | 23 juin 2019

@thedrisin- I hear a very subtle difference when I toggle the immersive sound switch. It leads me to believe the immersive sound feature in the stock SR+ is pointless. An audio upgrade just to make immersive sound superior to non immersive sound would be a compelling option for most SR+ owners.

guydude | 23 juin 2019

Tesla is really messing up here imo.... all features and options should be available on all cars. Especially navigation and Audi options!! Even the heated seats should be a stand alone option for any model.

The only ‘real’ difference should be battery, range, and performance. Look at BMW, Audi, Mercedes etc.... and for Gods sake!!!! Give us a dam ‘Top-view’ and access to front camera. Sometimes Tesla can be SO dumb...... focusing on stupid shit like games when my back-up camera works 10% of the time now... always black screen... this car is getting more and more bugy. I’ve have it since March of 18’. 23k miles. LR RWD. Imo once Bmw and Audi start delivering a equivalent range EV Tesla won’t survive with the constant price changes, feature removals, and constant new bugs!! The black back up cam is super annoying.... like wtf! ... ok rant done

guydude | 23 juin 2019

I just updated to 20.4

Thank you Tesla. Remarkably better! Back cam seems to work now.

lmorda2 | 19 août 2019

There are 4 speakers up front and 2 in the back that are not wired to anything. That's because there's only 1 amp in the SR+. Theoretically if you buy 1 amp, 1 subwoofer, and a whole bunch of speaker wire then you'd have the premium audio system. Tesla basically decided to completely remove the amp and subwoofer in the back, and then only wire up 8 speakers to the remaining 1 amp. In my opinion there's no way an average person could do this themselves. I'm also one of those unfortunate people who wanted the audio upgrade but couldn't afford the extra $7,000 for the long range version. Im hoping I can find an audio dealer who can do the upgrade for like $2,000.

wiscy67 | 20 août 2019

@lmorda2 there's a company in orange county doing these upgrades (adding in sub and missing amp and connecting the inactive speakers). Reus Audio.

lmorda2 | 11 septembre 2019

@wiscy67 yes I definitely have seen a lot of people talk about them. I'm trying to figure out how the logistics would work out upgrading with them, if I drive up to Orange from San Diego could they do a same day install?

I went to the Tesla store in La Jolla UTC and they said the upgrade should be possible just contact service through the app, which I then did, and two days later got a text from service saying basically no you can't do that and you should already know the only upgrades you can get are listed on the website.

The guy at the store also said definitely don't take it to an aftermarket place to do the full upgrade to premium because it will mess up the system. I said how bout just an amp and a sub and he said that would definitely be okay.

lbowroom | 11 septembre 2019

Do not rely on anything “the guy at the store” says

vincelorto | 11 septembre 2019

@lbowroom +1

radean84 | 12 septembre 2019

For anyone worried about how their SR+ audio will sound, I have to say I was not expecting much and was VERY pleasantly surprised. I'm not sure if the EQ comes set this way, but mine was set to look like a V and it's perfect. Super low bass with a nice hard hit and crisp clear mids/highs. I had borrowed my friends fully loaded dual motor LR Model 3 before ordering mine, so I was fully expecting to have much worse audio and acceleration, but honestly I couldn't even tell the difference - neither can he! We both know he'd win in a drag race, but feels the same, and we both know he has more speakers, but both sound great! Unless you're an absolute audiophile, need AWD and additional range, I think you'll be very happy with what the SR+ comes with, especially for the much lower price.

lbowroom | 12 septembre 2019

The V graph EQ setting. Reminds me of my college days when my friend had 4 10" woofers in the back and a set of Dynaudio Tweeters in the dash.

jjgunn | 12 septembre 2019

Yup....take out the mid (I call it mud), crank up the bass & treble


Immersive sound on Standard.

Buzzkill | 12 septembre 2019

The guy at the store.....LMAO! The Guy at the store told me at least 3 things that were not accurate. But otherwise was a hellava guy!

jking7 | 19 janvier 2020

After having my standard range plus for a month now, I can say it has the worst sound system of any car I've previously owned. Lacks complete bass as would be expected since there is no subwoofer installed, but to know there are 4 speakers that you stare at while driving and know they are there, but aren't doing anything for you is annoying and a slap in the face.

KY | 20 janvier 2020

Good discussion. Mine is SR+, I can say the audio is "Good". If the upgrade price is reasonable, I also want to upgrade, seems poor bass now.
M3 is not tradition car, I have study, it don't have audio output to standalone amplifier.

Lonestar10_1999 | 20 janvier 2020

I would definitely consider upgrading the audio system in my SR+ if Tesla offered it. I wouldn’t trust a private installer with it. The audio upgrade could be an after market profit center for Tesla, similar to the garage door opener.

jking7 | 20 janvier 2020

My thoughts exactly, I would gladly go to Tesla and pay for a factory installed premium sound system upgrade to the SR+ without having to worry if it was done properly. Plus if you have a shop somehow mess up I'm sure Tesla would find a way to void warranty work.