Steering on the Model X

Steering on the Model X

After the second to last update, the steering on the Model X seems "glitchy." I know that's a great technical description, but sometimes when driving on city streets or on the highway, the steering feels as if it is on Autopilot. Similar to Autopilot, there is a tension in the wheel and you have to muscle it for control of the vehicle. The problem is that Autopilot is not engaged, and the Autopilot functionality has been turned-off on the control panel. This happens periodically, and it happened after a reboot and the most recent update.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? | 20 juin 2019

It sounds like you have Lane Departure Warning on? It will vibrate the well to alert you of a possible lane departure. You can turn the feature off. | 20 juin 2019

...vibrate the steering wheel...

TeslaFred | 20 juin 2019

It is not the lane departure warning. This happens on subdivision roads with no lane markings. Also happened on a single lane, dirt road.

What I am talking about is akin to power steering failure (happened to me on an old Pontiac in the 80's), and moving the wheel is itself a struggle. But with the Model X, it becomes very difficult to steer, then a few minute later, all is well.

Vawlkus | 21 juin 2019

Isn’t there an update to Lane Keep assist where it tries to keep you in the lane?

As for lines, Tesla’s can make lane lines out of marks on the pavement (patches, etc).

bob | 21 juin 2019

@TeslaFred - sounds like a service call issue. There was an issue with power steering dying back in late fall of '17. My MX suffered from this problem and it required a manual reboot to fix. Meaning the 12v system needed to be disconnected and the vehicle rebooted from zero power to fix. I'm pretty sure this was something that just impacted a small number of MXs that were early AP 2.5 hardware builds. There has been a firmware fix in place for this issue for a long time. But maybe there's been a new bug introduced that impacts your vehicle?? But it sounds like a safety issue that the SC will address quickly and you shouldn't need an appointment to get attention for.

TeslaFred | 21 juin 2019

Bob - Thanks for the information. I'll call the service center, again.

Vawlkus | 24 juin 2019

Oh! The old line rail voltage mismatch problem. I remember that.
It can be done in the field, but it’s better if it’s done in a service bay.

jfay | 10 juillet 2019

Same thing is happening to my 2017 Model X. It feels like the power steering is losing power on big turns. And it also feels like you are pushing against the auto pilot. Whatever it is it takes more effort to Ruth the steering wheel. Solutions?