2019.20.2.1 has screen brightness bug-too dark in night mode on auto

2019.20.2.1 has screen brightness bug-too dark in night mode on auto

Anyone else having the issue where when the screen turns to dark mode the percentage bar drops too low and you can’t see it well, I have to manually turn the auto brightness off and manually adjust the brightness myself.

M3phan | 20 juin 2019

Yes. Annoying.

jamespompi | 20 juin 2019


mcap81 | 20 juin 2019

100% agreed

ShaunyD | 20 juin 2019

The release notes say you can used the slider with auto still on. I tried this and it worked, but it did not save my choice for next time.

roberts | 20 juin 2019

Yes I agree. Way too dark. My 60 year old eyes don't deal well with a dim screen.

sjm4660 | 20 juin 2019

Holy cr$# you're right! My theory is that the headlights on the newly enlarged display of the car on screen left were too bright so their quick fix was to dim the screen (to 12%). I submitted a bug report. I suggest that you do too!

gballant4570 | 20 juin 2019

A quick change I am already somewhat fond of might be to touch the world icon on the map and return to satellite view. I just got the update, so I'll start seeing it today.....

LostInTx | 20 juin 2019

(Barely) seeing this as well; pretty annoying. Hopefully it'll be corrected soon.

MrSexyTime | 20 juin 2019

I too have this issue. I've neither power cycled nor done a bug report yet. Is there anyone who DOESN'T have this problem?

lordmiller | 20 juin 2019

Take it out of auto, not that hard.

jjt2122 | 20 juin 2019

Turning auto off is the only solution, but they should not have messed with the auto brightness, it was perfect before.

dwakelee | 20 juin 2019

Agree - auto mode worked great before, now it does not. What about it was actually supposed to be better with this release?

M3phan | 20 juin 2019

It does not permanently work to adjust the slider while in auto mode, because it doesn’t save it the next time you get in the car so it’s just temporary. The whole point of auto mode is that I don’t have to touch it Another suggestion I saw elsewhere on the forum also does not work, where you flip the display back to manual mode, adjust the setting and flip back to auto mode. This does not work, tried it, the auto setting moves the brightness back to very low.
Will submit bug reports and hopefully they will adjust on the next update

jjgunn | 20 juin 2019

I use my cell phone light if it's too dark.

M3phan | 20 juin 2019

I cant cry, my eyes are too busy squinting to try to see the screen... ; )

jjgunn | 20 juin 2019


lordmiller | 20 juin 2019

I got the update yesterday, does this update have the new video game?

jjt2122 | 20 juin 2019

No, the game is not available on this firmware yet.

dwakelee | 20 juin 2019

No - no game updates yet. Not clear what firmware that will be. When the publications claim this is 'rolling out', it is usually not to us mainstream folks - usually a few week lag until wide roll-out.

markr7 | 20 juin 2019

Where is the actual ambient light sensor located?

CST | 20 juin 2019

Adjusting the screen brightness also adjusts the cabin lights - really weird!

CST | 20 juin 2019
tigerkc | 20 juin 2019

After I installed this version of the firmware, I immediately noticed this. Once I adjusted the brightness, it remembered my new setting and it is no longer an issue. It is just a one time adjustment, so why is everyone complaining ?

CST | 20 juin 2019

Mine keeps going back to 15%.

RichardKJ | 20 juin 2019

Mine was so dark it was hard to find the display tab to adjust it.

lilbean | 20 juin 2019

Do you wear your sunglasses at night?

legna_fo_htaed | 20 juin 2019

I didn't notice too bad of an issue when the update initially released for my car (HW3, AWD) although it wasn't quite dark yet.

Driving home last night, I noticed immediately that with the glare of all the city lights made the screen really hard to see. The battery percentage meter was very difficult to see.

Worst part was getting home. 2 AM and tired from a 2 and a half hour drive, the backup cam was almost impossible to see. Nearly drove off the side of a small ledge by our driveway. Had to immediately turn up the brightness.

Techy James | 20 juin 2019

I just got update yesterday for 2019.20.2.1 and it said it included improvements to Display Brightness. I have to admit the Auto darkness at the time was a little too dark for the conditions in the garage with light above the car. I image that brightness would be closer to what i normally keep it at for nighttime outside the garage. I personally find a bright display distracting. Now I could see just as it was in garage, in early dusk/dawn when there is plenty of ambient light but dark enough you need your lights on to comply with local laws being a bit too dark.

As for the mention that it was difficult to see due to city light glare, I recommend an Antiglare Screen Protector. Not only do they help with finger prints on screen (a pet peeve of mine, I hate fingerprints on any screen), but it will also help with that glare that was mentioned.

Garyeop | 20 juin 2019

I noticed the same thing, but also noticed that I can see the road better with the lower light. I can see the map and speed, just taking me a while to get used to it. For now I am leaving it as is to see if I get accustomed to it.

MrSexyTime | 20 juin 2019

For those of you not seeing the issue, either the issue is not as pronounced for you as some others, or you should be congratulated for maintaining youthful vision. It's actually a little dangerous. My eyes do suck, so I realize that is part of the issue. Daytime autoadjust is good. For those of you who feel it necessary to attack people as whiners for discussing an issue with Tesla compatriots, a big GFU.

spuzzz123 | 20 juin 2019

They’ll fix it. I have no doubt. In the meantime there’s a workaround.

CST | 20 juin 2019

It's just that Tesla keeps releasing these rushed updates that are obviously not tested. Makes me cringe at updating the car sometimes.

smogne41 | 20 juin 2019

Where is @neo to tell us our eyes are wrong?

Mde0509 | 20 juin 2019

I turned mine up from 12% to 30% on night mode, because it was hard to read the release notes.

calvin940 | 20 juin 2019

My eyesight is not 20/20 but It must not be as pronounced or different at all (for mine). I don't see a change from before.

I don't doubt there is an issue mind you, but what makes people think the fw is being rushed?

Also, to say something isn't tested is being ignorant of the process. There are many approaches to testing and software development as a whole. Sometimes issues are missed, while other times, the general improvements outweigh was has been discovered in the course of development and the vendor makes a choice on what to address for a given release and what can wait until next release. The general idea is that over time the software continues to improve which I think it does/has.

rxlawdude | 20 juin 2019

@calvin, the final test (at least in healthcare related technology) is "USER ACCEPTANCE TESTING."

That should have caught this obvious bug. And it is a bug.

vmulla | 20 juin 2019

It's too dark for me as well.
Please fire the UAT team, I don't want this group testing Autonomous features.

cnlwoo | 20 juin 2019

Agreed, it over-dimmed when in dark mode sitting in my garage at night.

roaddevil | 20 juin 2019

I just tested mine in the garage with no lights on, initially, the auto setting reduced the brightness to 12%. Then on the display setting, I dragged it to 32 %, closed the Display screen, exited the car and locked the door. After a few minutes, I opened the door, check the screen brightness setting, it remains at 32% with Auto on. If that remains, it is not a bug, you just need to adjust it once to a level which suits your eyes.

beaver | 20 juin 2019

Yes happened to me last night after I updated to 20.1.2 too dark I had to go manual

Randyb359 | 20 juin 2019

Maybe all the testers are young so they didn't have a problem.

vts747 | 20 juin 2019

This is the worst update so far. I have never had to fiddle with the auto brightness, until this "update". The Sun was still out and it set it to 30%! Tesla, do you guys even test this stuff before the release? It was dangerous, I could hardly see the screen and all the brightness controls are on the screen! Very disappointing.

rxlawdude | 20 juin 2019

@roaddevil, others report that the setting is not persistent.

JPWhite | 21 juin 2019

Yes very annoying.

I blame Sheryl Crow ;-)

eric.milligan | 21 juin 2019

Agreed, 40 and it's way too dark at night now. I've had the car for a year plus, and I set it to auto when I got it. I never touched it since - the old behavior for me at least was perfect. New FW dropped it to 12% tonight, which is far too dark for me. I adjusted it, but it only stays for one drive before needing to be reset again.

roaddevil | 21 juin 2019


I checked again under the same light condition, it shows 33% brightness level. So it works.

I encourage you to try yourself.

P94526 | 21 juin 2019

Embarrassing. Obvious they do not verify the updates in real world conditions.
I expect a fix soon, before someone has an accident.

gabarber | 21 juin 2019

I also notice the exceptionally dark screen tonight in auto mode - who tested this - maybe who is an owl. i also think this is a stupid response to complaints about the headlight in the car simulation being too bright and distracting!

Firaz.ashraf | 21 juin 2019

First night driving since update and fully agree. The auto mode should revert back to how it was. On a related update note, i also for the first time (1+ yr) walked away from the car and returned after a few hours to find that the trusted lock when walking away feature did not work. Anyone else observe the same issue?

eandmjep | 22 juin 2019

Mine was this way the first night but after a reset I found it more than adequate. It now shows better contrast between lines and shades of grey and easier to read.