Paint Protection Film on Model 3 in PA

Paint Protection Film on Model 3 in PA

Has anyone in PA had their Model 3 wrapped with PPF and then ceramic coated? Looking to see if anyone in PA has done so and who they would recommend using and the cost to do so. Already have 3 small paint chips in the front bumper and owned it for about a week.

smogne41 | 22 juin 2019

PA is a big place, can you narrow it down a bit? I had SC Vinyl in Bellefonte PA do PPF on my front bumper and they did a great job. I think that was about $400-450.

CS96 | 22 juin 2019

I live around Harrisburg. That’s about a hour and a half drive for me. I’m willing to drive if other owners back their quality of work. Just don’t want to regret spending the cash and it not turning out as planned.

My biggest concern is can you see on the front end where it was wrapped and wasn’t? I planed to just get the front end and mirrors wrapped.

FISHEV | 23 juin 2019

"My biggest concern is can you see on the front end where it was wrapped and wasn’t?"

Not obvious at all. You have to get within a foot to see where the film is applied.

This is easy stuff for the pro-shops. I'd look for a shop that has a lot of recommendations if no one provides a nearby personal reference. No need to drive hundreds of miles. Typically all of that takes a couple days so you want someone local. Ask at the Tesla service center, they might recommend a shop.

Place I used was recommended by the Subaru dealer. Did a great job so I had them do the M3. I go there and its 50% Tesla Model 3's in the lot. They said Tesla was the best thing to happen to their business.

XPEL | 25 juin 2019

You're on the right track for wanting to protect your Model 3 with Paint Protection Film. We have quite a few options in PA, check out this link to find an installer nearest you.

FISHEV | 25 juin 2019

Can recommend Xpel Shop I used did both Subaru and Model 3 with Expel products. Subaru had 100k in four years and I was able to get full retail used car price for it because of the protection and the tint making the car look near new.

mrunger | 2 juillet 2019

Any issues with getting a ceramic coating? On-line chatted with a moron at Tesla help; a moron AI system would've done better than her -- "go see a tech at SC. we don't want anything NOT-TESLA on your paint."