Survey if you use solar: power company fixed monthly cost

Survey if you use solar: power company fixed monthly cost

I'll say right up front this post isn't about the Model 3 directly. But I've noticed over the year or two that I've hung out on this forum that many of us Model 3 owners also have installed solar, or are thinking about it. So I have a question for you, if you have a moment.

Our power provider (Sacramento Municipal Utility District, or SMUD for short) is looking at changing their relationship with their customers like us who have rooftop photovoltaic solar installations. After a huge public outcry recently, they canned an idea that would have made our monthly bill for just being connected to the grid--no use charges at all--$80-$100 in 8 years. As I said, that got squashed, but they still want to do something. There's tons more I could write, but for now, here's what I'd like to know from folks around the US or elsewhere in the world.

1. What is your monthly charge for just being attached to the grid? (I'm not asking about your use or rate per kWh.)
2. Who is your power provider?
3. Where are you? (City, State, Country)

For example, my answers:
1. $21/month.
2. SMUD.
3. Sacramento, CA, USA.

There is a SMUD meeting later this week on this topic, and I'd love to be able to go in armed with how things are done in Pittsburgh or Honolulu or London or wherever. Thanks!!

CST | 24 juin 2019

1. $10
2. PG&E
3. East Bay area between Sac & SF

Note, NEM 2.0 also has NBCs (non-bypassable charges) which amount to approx 2.5 cents per KW/h used, measured hourly. These can add up to a couple hundred $$$ / year.
My system is oversized, so I should cancel out the NBCs with excess KW/h sold at approx 3.5 cents per KW/h.

Tronguy | 24 juin 2019

1. $4.95/month
2. PSE&G
3. Central New Jersey.

New Jersey. Net Metering, meaning:
1. If you have a running surplus, they net up the surplus and pay you wholesale for the energy generated as of the yearly service date. If the running surplus goes negative in any month, one pays retail (~13 cents/kW-hr) in that month.
2. Fixed connection fee: $4.95/month.

Wholesale cost is around 8.8 cents/kW-hr.

$60/year isn't bad for a guaranteed connection to the grid.

CST | 24 juin 2019

NBCs are only charged from power pulled from the grid, so typically it costs 2.5 cents per KW to charge the car at night.

-TheJohn- | 24 juin 2019

1) $21ish and change
2) Tucson Electric Power
3) Tucson Az
We've a 7.44 KW system of 24 310 watt panels

I'm fine with Power companies needing to charge basic infrastructure costs but they need to adapt with the times and not desperately cling to old models and attempt to stop progress. All poles should be retrofitted with 4 panels on top imho.

rob | 24 juin 2019

@CST. That's approaching free for your fuel. Maybe $200 /yr for the car?

CST | 24 juin 2019

Yes, in fact, even before I installed solar, switching to EV TOU and changing some energy use patterns actually resulted in a net cost savings of over $20/mo even with the Tesla charging for 1,500 miles per month!

wiscy67 | 24 juin 2019

San Diego, CA

caveat - the costs are always subject to change with SDGE.

CST | 24 juin 2019

@rob - depending on the over production, which I expect to be about 1.4MWh, I'll probably cancel out those NBCs since the power company pays me 1 cent more per excess KWh than they charge in NBC usage. It might be "free" (after the cost of the solar system). However, my monthly mortgage on solar is about $70/mo less than my average electric bill was, so it is a net win!

pkmantmc | 24 juin 2019

1. $10 - $13
3. San Diego

I have ~$450 on bill after nearly 3 years but haven't paid a dime yet and supposed to have ~$250 of credit that's not reflected on the bill. SDGE's monthly statement is hard to decipher.

djharrington | 24 juin 2019

Albuquerque, NM

1agkirk2 | 24 juin 2019

$10-12 if I produce more than I consume
East Kern County CA

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 24 juin 2019

Long Island, NY

decoss | 24 juin 2019

Healdsburg Municipal Utilities
Healdsburg, CA

They keep any overage produced.

CharleyBC | 24 juin 2019

Thank you all! This is exactly the info I'm seeking.

I'm moving to Healdsburg, and taking my PV with me. :)

Keep 'em coming. I'd love to hear from some outside the US too.

Lightglass | 24 juin 2019

$7 a month fixed, net metering PNM, New Mexico- system is producing 110% of our power needs right now, so building a surplus for winter..

FISHEV | 24 juin 2019

Pacific Power in PDX.
$35 a month.

System is 8.4 kWh and 120% of house needs.

Between power generation and credits for surplus, I don't pay for electricity

I do sign up for sustainable power, dam removal, salmon enhancement so I could pay as low as $25 a month if I did not sign up added environmental costs.

wiboater4 | 24 juin 2019

In Wisconsin , WE Energies charges me 16.83 facilities charge plus $1.90 extra meter charge. They make you install a second meter instead of just letting the meter run backwards. Since I put up my solar system they have changed the rules . New systems only get .04 cents per kw over production. instead of the .13 cents they charge when you use their electricity. I'm grandfathered in for 10 years but that's almost gone now. WE Energies is trying to get a rate hike again now. They raised that facilities charge by about 70% last time. They will keep trying to get that higher since everyone is using more energy efficient appliances etc and going to solar.

wiboater4 | 24 juin 2019

I'm really hoping those Tesla power walls come down in price when my 10 years is up. I'm 70 now and need to live ling enough for it to pay for itself :-)

gdohanish | 24 juin 2019

Fairfield Electric (a COOP)
Columbia, SC

The COOP added 1 cent/KWH, 13.5 to14.5/KWH and they limited me to a 7KW system and no net metering..
For Spring, Fall and Winter I'll be using a 7KWH Lithium Ion battery bank to collect some of what goes to the grid.
Others in the state got a much better deal with mandated net metering with the Non-Coop utilities. However that was limited once the State became 2% solar. Hailey, our previous Governor, initiated the 25% tax credit in 2014 and that got the ball rolling but if your utility is a COOP.............. New legislation is in the works but I haven't heard anything yet. Coal and Nuclear are about 49-49 percent here but 2 new Nuclear Plants under construction were just shot down after wasting 9 billion to build to only 1/3 completion. 2 are still going up in GA though. Enough said.

kevin_rf | 24 juin 2019

$4 a month for the meter rental. No actual fees for grid tied solar.
Smart "meter".
We get 5 cents per kwh produced above actual monthly usage.
Limit on new capacity that can be built in the town each year. Once met for the year, you have to wait until the following year to install.

For what it is worth, car has its own separate meter on a TOU (another $4 rental), production does not count towards that meter's usage.

Municipal town owned utility.
Sterling Electric
Sterling MA

coleAK | 24 juin 2019

$20 - but it’s odd up here. I pay $40 because I also get hit with a generator fee since I have a hybrid system so can function off grid which they charge double for my battery bank since theoritically I can back feed if the grid is down

Chugach electric
Anchorage, Alaska

OutOfTheStars | 24 juin 2019

$10 per month
Duke energy
Orlando Fl

Carpe Manana | 24 juin 2019

1. $7.86/mo.
2. Public Service of New Mexico (PNM)
3. Santa Fe, NM

I have had my solar system since November of 2015 and have a surplus energy credit of more than 10 MWhr (ie., more power generated than used; it varies with the season). My M3 was delivered in June of 2018, and I drive about 1000 mi./mo. I estimate that it will take about 5 years to exhaust the energy credit at the present rate.

shawncordell | 25 juin 2019

1. $0
2. Oncor
3. Texas

nwfan | 25 juin 2019

Same as @shawncordell.

1. $0
2. Oncor
3. Texas

Shawn I see Tyler now has a Service Center and Supercharger.
I've stopped at Lindale with both my Model 3 and S.
Model 3 was getting 146kw. S not as good.

gmr6415 | 25 juin 2019

No monthly charge for being hooked to the grid, but there is a $15 meter reading fee.

TECO (Tampa Electric Company)

Lake Alfred, FL

Gofins13 | 25 juin 2019

@OutOfTheStars. I’m in Orlando (Apopka) also. Are you happy with your system? If so, who did it, and are you happy with the outcome? Thanks

CharleyBC | 25 juin 2019

And a data point from my brother:

1) $26.35
3) Honolulu

surfpearl | 25 juin 2019

1. ~$9/mo if I don't use any power from the grid and $0/mo if I do
2. So Cal Edison
3. Altadena CA

Rothgarr | 25 juin 2019

1) $9.87 (but I think they are raising it to around $12)
2) Eversource
3) Western CT

We love our solar panels. We've been overproducing crazy amount of electricity. That's why I decided to go full BEV (I picked up my Model 3 LR AWD last week) instead of a PHEV (I was originally going to get a Honda Clarity). Even with charging the Tesla, I estimate we'll still not owe the power company anything each year.

Net Metering ends in CT at the end of this year, but if you have solar panels up and running before the end of this year you are grandfathered in for 20 years. So it sucks that Net Metering is going away, but being grandfathered in is awesome.

Fuzzball | 25 juin 2019

1. $15.83/month basic service charge (supposed to change, not sure when and by how much)
2. ConEd.
3. NYC, NY, USA.

BRosie | 25 juin 2019

1. $5 per KW!
2. Alabama power
3.. Birmingham AL

CharleyBC | 25 juin 2019

@BRosie: Let me be sure I understand your $5/kW. Is that per kW of peak capacity? For example, my system is about 8 kWp (kilowatt peak). So if I were in Birmingham, I’d pay $40/month to be connected. Do I have that right? Thanks!

azdonna | 25 juin 2019

1. $20/month
2. SRP
3. Mesa, AZ
I have had my solar system for 6 years and am grandfathered into an old net metering plan with low service rate. About 3 years ago the Arizona Corporation Commission approved both major utilities in AZ increasing service charge costs and reducing net metering, to the point that Solar City (now Tesla) installations have come to a near standstill. So what your power company is proposing is also happening in many markets. I'm very glad I got in when I did.

FISHEV | 25 juin 2019

"So if I were in Birmingham, I’d pay $40/month to be connected."

That's actually not a bad deal IF they allow you to put on any size system and bank all the surplus power. Many utilities will only apply net metering to a system that matches your home power use. Anything larger you can use yourself if you can but utility will not bank the excees.

kevin_rf | 25 juin 2019

In MA home grid ties are limited to 10kwh, larger systems fall into a different category with different rules.

billstanton | 25 juin 2019

1. $10
2. PG&E
3. SF East Bay Area

@CharleyBC: Must say that SMUD change would "be unfortunate" especially if it propagated to PGE for me. Heck, my electric bill was only $100 a month BEFORE solar!

Patrick | 26 juin 2019

Duke Energy
Tampa Bay, FL

PhillyGal | 26 juin 2019

1. Was $7.xx for a while. Might have gone up closer to $10.
2. PECO (Excelon parent company)
3. Philadelphia, PA

BRosie | 26 juin 2019

You are correct. $5 per KW per month.
So $40 per month on 8 KW system.

EM34ME | 26 juin 2019

~ $10/mo. (varies depending on usage)

SCE (Southern California Edison)

Riverside Co., Californation

We get a rebate each year in March for over-generation in the amount of $50 to $100 so monthly service charge is almost net zero.

cnlwoo | 26 juin 2019

1. $15
2. Colorado Springs Utilities
3. Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

phongski | 26 juin 2019

1) $7.49
2) Puget Sound Energy
3) Sammamish, WA.

stlouis2003 | 26 juin 2019

1) $10
2) Jackson EMC
3) Auburn, GA

aurali | 26 juin 2019

~ $8
Xcel Energy
Aurora Colorado

jamespompi | 26 juin 2019

Just got my County permit approved today! 3.6KW ground mount DIY.
I think its still the same $8.28 rate everyone pays
Daytona beach, FL

jamespompi | 26 juin 2019


shawncordell | 26 juin 2019

@nwfan Yes, there’s a service center in Tyler now but no supercharger. It’s a nice facility… you should check it out if time permits. I use the Lindale location frequently. You’re right, the model 3 charges pretty fast there.

shawncordell | 26 juin 2019

@nwfan Yes, there’s a service center in Tyler now but no supercharger. It’s a nice facility… you should check it out if time permits. I use the Lindale location frequently. You’re right, the model 3 charges pretty fast there.

CharleyBC | 27 juin 2019

Huge thanks to everyone who participated! We now have over thirty data points from all over the US, including AK and HI. I'm going to this community meeting tonight armed with data!