2019.20.2.1 “Deep Freeze” mode

2019.20.2.1 “Deep Freeze” mode

For completeness, I have a 2016 AP1 refresh MS90D. Been running 2019.16.2.1 for the past several weeks and then received notification of new software update last night, installed it, and did reboot of both the MCU (scroll wheel+brake) and cluster (two buttons above scroll wheels). Do not have any USB storage devices plugged in, although I do have a standard iPhone lightning connect charging cable and the charging cable for my fitness tracker installed in the USB ports. I did a quick check of settings this morning before my first drive and didn’t notice anything unusual as having changed.

Left my car plugged in to an L2 charger at work today, charged for about 9-10 hours @ 30 amps to go from about 18% to 80%, charging finished about 4:45 pm. I did check with app around 1 pm to see charging status, everything looked normal, an interior temp showed at 79F (par for ambient in covered garage).

When I got back to my car about 6 pm first thing I noticed was it still was plugged in, but also rear and side window was totally fogged over. Got up to the car and realized same for the glass pano roof and that I could hear the AC running. Opened the door to be met with a blast from the deep freezer as the AC was running full blast, temp set to low, fan at 11, recirc on.

I do at times drive with HVAC on manual, AC off, and since I’m just wanting outside fresh air, I’ll move the temp all the way to low so no way it would trigger heat. That’s actually how I had it set when I got home last night. I drove to work with the pano roof open, so don’t remember if I left the HVAC with fan running or I had turned the fan off. When somehow the HVAC system turned on, it retained the low setting for temp, but rest of settings went to auto, hence the arctic freezer status when I got in my car. I did notice that about 5:45, as I was probably walking to my car, that I got a notification on my phone saying climate has been running for a long time.

I double checked settings again and cannot find anything that would have triggered HVAC to come on. Cabin overheat and smart preconditioning both still showed off (my normal settings).

Anyone think of any other settings that might have been reset as part of the software update that would possibly explain my HVAC coming on late in the day that I need to triple check???

Bighorn | 24 juin 2019

The message about long running climate comes at 4 hours, I think, which might align with your app query. I suspect you turned on climate from the app inadvertently around 1pm

NKYTA | 24 juin 2019

+1 BH

p.c.mcavoy | 24 juin 2019

@BH - I went back and checked in my VisibleTesla log (hadn’t done that at time of my first post). Looking at the rate of charge reported over the API it looks like the HVAC kicked on about 3:15 pm. That’s a pretty clean response in the data log as ROC has a sharp drop while pulling a constant 30 amps.

Checking the notifications again, the alert for “climate has been on a long time” has a time stamp of 5:15 pm, so that says the notification triggered at at 2 hours after HVAC turned on. This wouldn’t align with when I opened the app at ~ 1 pm.

It’s always possible I somehow turned HVAC on, but timing of HVAC coming on at 3:15 does make we wonder if the smart pre-conditioning somehow triggered. I’ll keep a close eye on it the next couple days for any indication of a repeat. I’ll also make sure I don’t leave it parked with temp set to “Low” just in case it does come on that I don’t again end up with an ice box.