Can Model 3 fit three booster seats in back?

Can Model 3 fit three booster seats in back?

Co-worker driving my car looking for EV and his question was he has three young kids in booster seats. Can the back seat fit three? If so, do they have to a certain brand. Pics would be good if anyone has them.

cafutter | 30 juin 2019

If you are using The Latch system, the answer is no because there are only 2 sets. However, if you are using the seatbelt restraining system because they are in booster seats, then that is a possibility. Let's see what other readers have to say about experience with booster seats. It is certainly big enough.

Firewired | 30 juin 2019

Prior owner of S and now 3. It would be wickedl tight to try and squeeze three car seats across in the 3, the center seat is much more narrow than the two outside seats. In the S all three seats are essentially the same size across.

teslamazing | 30 juin 2019

Still didn’t take my advice in relaxing. If you did a simple google search, you would get a ton of answers.

Here. Case closed.

vmulla | 30 juin 2019

This was an early question on the forum. The answer is yes. But the recommendation is no.

Reason for recommendation is that it's difficult to reach the seat belt fastener with all the 3 seats pushing against each other.

It's an ok solution for occasional use.

Yes there are photos, and info on specific brands/models of seats that would work.

FISHEV | 30 juin 2019

"The answer is yes. But the recommendation is no."

That will likely rule out the Model 3 for them even if the Model 3 is the dad work car, it has to able to be the family car also.

FISHEV | 30 juin 2019

I did forward them the useful link above. Too bad forum lacks search function.

Magic 8 Ball | 30 juin 2019

Learn how to use google.

teslamazing | 30 juin 2019

I literally searched “ 3 boosters seats model 3” there’s more info out there as well. Reddit, other forums, etc..

SuperGrover | 30 juin 2019

I have three kids, ages 7, 3, and 2. I have a Model 3 with three Diono RXT seats across the back. The two outer seats were rear facing using the LATCH points for my two and three year old, and my seven year old was forward facing in the middle. The rear facing seats were using the angle adjuster pads to free up some more space between the tops of the rear facing seats and the front seats. I setup a driver profile called Rear egress and when my seven year old needs to get into the center it moves the driver seat forward as far as it will go and it is completely out of of her way. She was able to walk in and buckle herself and my wife and I could easily get the little ones in the outer seats.

I now have all three kids forward facing and they still fit perfectly as well. Just be sure to get some sort of seat protection pads. The Diono seats fit tightly together and almost look like a factory option of fixed child seating. As the seats have their own five point harness reaching for the belts between the seats is a non-issue.

We also have a Pacifica Hybrid Platinum mini van, but when given a choice, so far the kids always request riding in the Tesla, even on long out of state road trips. While taking the min van may have been more preferable when we had to take double stroller, play yards, and lots of gear in a skybox on top of the van, the Model 3 surprisingly holds quite a bit. It really is our first choice for any traveling. We pretty much only use the van when my wife simply needs to because I am at work with the 3 or when I have to move something big like a piece of furniture. I might replace the Pacifica Hybrid with the Y.

beaver | 1 juillet 2019

Get a Model S or X if you want to have three booster seats in the back. I tried it in my Model 3 and the standard boosters won’t fit. The Draco ones may, but they are $200-300 each. It’s really too tight.

gagarin77 | 2 juillet 2019

i write from Italy
Sorry for my English...
My experience is that it is really difficult to use three seats because it is difficult to connect them to seat belts