Redesigned Charge Port questions

Redesigned Charge Port questions

I believe Tesla redesigned the charge port several months back to solve the freezing charge port lock problem. I believe Tesla was/is replacing the charge port with the newly engineered charge port by request? I assume ALL the new cars coming off the production line have the newly designed charge port? If so, about when did this happen. I believe there is a new part number for the redesigned charge port is it the same part number with a -b at the end of the part number? If you had your charge port replaced with the new design does the charge port still click the entire time the car is awake? I travel to Avon Colorado in the winter and the temperature has been known to dip to 30 below F so I sure would like to have the redesigned charge port installed on my Model 3.

Regards, Ron

dwakelee | 2 juillet 2019

Mine was fixed last week. Had the clicking charge port since delivery in Sep 2018 (August built car). Constant clicking both before and after the cold weather update firmware. Mobile service checked in Jan 2019, said a new charge port actuator would likely be the fix. Part came it last week and it was replaced. Service tech said the charge port actuator is on the 3rd revision now. No ticking anymore.

The noise never bothered me, except that with the actuator clicking every 2 seconds seemed like something was going to wear out. Apparently Tesla felt the same.

Can't comment on what will happen in the cold, but it now no longer ticks when awake.