The Truth about the 1000$ Deposit

The Truth about the 1000$ Deposit

Tesla never ever considered it.

I just realized I paid for my Model 3 in full with a check totalizing the full amount minus the configuration amount deposit. In the invoice the original 1000$ deposit wasn’t there and I didn’t even realize it when writing down my check because I was getting a SR+ at the price of a SR.

Then, I received 2 x 1000$ checks in the mail. One for the Model 3 1000$ deposit reservation I cancelled to order a 7 seats model Y instead and a second 1000$ check to refund the deposit of the Model 3 I took delivery on April 15th. The fun fact is that they called me 3 days earlier to let me know the Model 3 arrived sooner and I couldn’t make it to the bank before 4PM to get a registered check so they just accepted a normal check of 55k, I wonder how many companies would accept that.

Pepperidge | 2 juillet 2019

I bought several cars including C6 Corvette with personal check.

terminator9 | 2 juillet 2019

The risk to Tesla isn't every high. They have a live link to every car and can potentially disable it if you don't pay up. And they have all your credit, drivers license and SSN to go after you. No more risk than leasing a vehicle. Whatever small risk there is, is the cost-of-doing-business.

Syed.Hosain | 2 juillet 2019

I have also purchased cars in the past with a personal check - the total car amounts were lower though. :)

This time, I got a bank check to be sure, since they asked for one.