MS without "Honk horn" when lock/unlock like MX

MS without "Honk horn" when lock/unlock like MX

This function is good to ensure car lock/unlock condition
Just curious, why MS without this function

NKYTA | 5 juillet 2019

I can honk my MS horn, 2i012.

akikiki | 6 juillet 2019

...why MS without this function? When I designed the S, I decided to have it not do that. Have not changed my mind. :)

EVRider | 6 juillet 2019

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@khhsu - I'm actually surprised Tesla added the annoying honk when locked for the X. One feature of other cars most of us hate. Especially when you're nearby and the offender honk/locks their car. Do we really need more noise pollution?

jordanrichard | 6 juillet 2019

Just how would you discern between your car horn all of the other horns going off when people lock their cars? Besides, if you have the doors set to auto lock when you walk away, it will lock. If you don’t close the door correctly, meaning it is left ajar, you would know it because the sound is different.

DanFoster1 | 7 juillet 2019

I absolutely despise the god damned locking honk mos cars make. YOU DO NOT NEED IT.

khhsu | 8 juillet 2019

But, quite interesting, last time when SW upgrade (forgot which version), I did experience once the horn honked. Only once...

I agreed with the noise pollution...

But, make this function as optional, and let this with different sound to identify your door close or not. This might be a good idea

TranzNDance | 9 juillet 2019

Yeah, I'm more interested in being notified discreetly that locking failed due to door being open.

Silver2K | 9 juillet 2019

Why can't we have the "ludicrous fart" as our lock and unlock "honk"?

TranzNDance | 9 juillet 2019

The fart speakers are inside the car. Other than that, if they in the future add external speakers to comply with "A car is driving here" laws, I don't see why fart can't be used for honks, as an option.