New reservation expectations

New reservation expectations

I recently placed my reservation for a M3P in midnight silver. I was contacted about 3 days later to confirm a delivery date but I still dont have a VIN so I cant setup my insurance or financing yet. Is this typical of the process?

I'm just a bit confused as to how they can schedule a delivery date so quickly yet not provide me a VIN.

My delivery date is currently selected for July 16th. Should I expect that date to push out?


CharleyBC | 10 juillet 2019

I was startled by your title. I thought reservations were a thing of the past.

Anyway, "typical" is all over the map, from what I've read here. I got my VIN in the email that scheduled delivery, but that's not true for everyone, obviously. It's certainly reasonable to go back to your Tesla rep and say you can't buy the car until you have the VIN.

Magic 8 Ball | 10 juillet 2019

It sounds like you ordered, reservations are no longer.

Demand looks like it is increasing so it is hard to set expectations.
Get you financing taken care of ASAP, you don't want to miss out.
If you have insurance on another car already your insurance will most likely give you a grace period, call them.

calvin940 | 10 juillet 2019

"I'm just a bit confused as to how they can schedule a delivery date so quickly yet not provide me a VIN."

They may be aware of a shipment of vehicles due for assignment but may not have all the data/paperwork available to assign VINS.

Allstate was pretty decent about being flexible even with the lack of a VIN. Maybe you can get all your financing paperwork done with just the last step of VIN entry?

Mind you this stuff can vary by bank and relationships so don't know if that can work for you.

fred.makar | 10 juillet 2019

I have an order number sorry for the misspeak. I am still waiting for a Rep to actually contact me, which is a bit frustrating. I have submitted a request to the customer support account to see what kind of response that i receive.

I hope to have some type of communication before the end of the week, otherwise i may just cancel the order as there has been literally no verbal communication.

jjgunn | 10 juillet 2019

I used my reservation from Feb 2017 when I ordered the P3D in April 2019

I might have been the last reservation actually used to purchase a Tesla

gballant4570 | 10 juillet 2019

fred.makar, if you cancel the order for a Model 3 your life will never be fulfilled.

EVRider | 10 juillet 2019

@Fred: Are you checking your My Tesla account to see if you have a VIN? Don’t rely on being notified by Tesla when it happens.

Joseb | 10 juillet 2019

Their delivery/updates is not great, is like handled by different departments that never talk to each other.

1- Go to your account, if they have sent you update, either by email or text message that, of potential delivery date, they SHOULD have the VIN, and it has to be in your account.
2- Talk to your existing insurance, to make sure buying a new car, with VIN or not, will still be covered by a short time.
3- More importantly, SECURE your car loan. This is weird, because to actually secure the car loan (if you are getting one) you need the "Final price sheet", also known as MVPA (Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement), BUT, in order to get the MVPA you need to enter the final payment details, including car loan financial institution details, so the delivery process in your account "moves forward". Is kind of chicken/egg thing and is confusing.

You can always call, text them, and move delivery date to a better date for you.

I was also surprised when I placed my order on a Sunday, and 1-2 days later got text message to setup delivery for the Sunday after :-/ but at that point in my account, I already had the VIN. I moved to few days later to take delivery on Tuesday once I secured the car loan details.

Jmjcsim | 10 juillet 2019

Fred.makar, I certainly understand your frustration, as most of us were in the same position. I live in Texas and the insurance doesn’t matter as we have a 30 day grace period and most companies are not as expensive as some make it out to be. As far as the financing, if you use the Tesla financing, all of those companies are aware of how this works and will give you a preapproval without a VIN. Once you receive that, they can fund the loan within 48 hours of you getting your VIN. You should get your VIN about a week to ten days before delivery. It’s an exciting time, take a breath and enjoy it. The most badass car of all time is about to be yours!