Phantom power to Level 2 home charger?

Phantom power to Level 2 home charger?

I leave my level 2 Tesla charger plugged in to my NEMA 14-50 outlet at home to prevent wear and tear on the 220 socket. The charger is therefore always ‘active’ with the green lights running through it. Anyone know how much phantom power this is pulling? Concerned about wasting electricity and driving up my energy bill, especially during peak rate times, since this is 220 power.

jimglas | 12 juillet 2019

I don't believe lighting an LED is going to use much power

Tronguy | 12 juillet 2019

Interesting question. Went straight to the on-line installation guide (identical to the paper copy that came with mine) and went looking for specs. Plenty on how much current it could supply to a Tesla, nothing on the "phantom drain".
Speaking as a randomly guessing EE without a clamp-on ammeter present, I'd guess a couple of watts. The lights are LEDs and probably low power; the circuit board might be a hundred mA or so.
If I get a chance I'll snag a clamp-on ammeter from work and see.

mt917 | 12 juillet 2019

I turn off the circuit breaker to my outlet every time I finish charging so I don't have to worry about phantom loss.

artfuse | 12 juillet 2019

Thanks, all. Totally right that a few LEDs won’t pull much drain, more using them as an indication of what else the converter box could be doing while in ‘idle’ mode, if that makes sense.

RES IPSA | 12 juillet 2019

Feel the black box on the mobile charger when it is plugged in but not charging the car... it is warm to the touch.

I get charged 54 cents a kWh during the summer from 4- 9 pm everyday, so it has been a worry of mine. I posted this same issue in August 2018. The consensus was that it used very little power when plugged in but not charging the car.

Switching the circuit breaker often can cause premature wear and tear on the breaker. You don't want that unless you want to replace the breaker every 1-2 years... thus negating the savings from switching the breaker.

I would think that if you only charge once a week, switching the breaker off and on once a week probably won't cause too much premature wear and tear, but you definitely want your breaker to function properly to avoid a fire.

Patrick | 12 juillet 2019

Here’s a snapshot of our monthly charging data as measured at the NEMA 14-50 outlet. Mobile cable was connected the whole time. Data indicates zero draw (or very little) when not charging the car.

lunde | 12 juillet 2019

We installed a NEMA 14-30 outlet in our garage, and I ordered an extra Gen 2 Mobile Connector bundle plus NEMA 14-30 adapter so that we could leave it plugged in to charge both of our Model 3s. This also lets both Model 3s to have their own (and original) Gen 2 Mobile Connector for when they are away from home. I have noticed no increase in our electric bill.

derotam | 12 juillet 2019

Going from memory here...I think the mobile connector uses 3 watts while not doing anything. Not too much to be worried about. If you are worried about that, then you should unplug your TV, Cable box, routers, switches, toasters, etc that you aren't going to be using while you aren't at home.

Hmm, makes me want to do an energy audit of all that stuff to see how much total draw there is with unused equipment that is plugged it. :) I like data

tripplett | 12 juillet 2019

I have a Current Voltage Power Energy Analyzer Meter on my 14-50 outlet so I can track how much juice I use. When the mobile connecter is just sitting there it shows 243V 0.05A 2.4W. Basically nothing. Really it's not worth worrying about. You don't want to be flipping a breaker over and over or you'll wear it out. Also you don't want to keep unplugging and replugging in a 14-50 plug.

Here's what I use and it matches up with TeslaFi's charge data perfectly. Really I don't need it now with TeslaFi data but since it's already installed...

jdcollins5 | 12 juillet 2019

I have a kWH meter connected to the breaker that feeds my 14-50. With the UMC only connected the load is too little for the meter to record, so basically negligible.