Since June software update very Loud AC fan noise

Since June software update very Loud AC fan noise

Since the June update my MX AC fan is very loud. When I approach my parked MX (with AC powered on from previous trip), the AC fan turn on and begin to become increasingly loud. Very loud from the outside and loud when you sit inside. I know it's the AC fan because if I turn off the AC power, the noise immediately stops. The Tesla service rep said its working normally as he compared it to another MX (guess he didn't think that both MXs could be faulty). Im almost embarrassed to leave my car with the AC left in the powered on position as the noise is so loud people begin to stare. Has anyone else noticed an increase in AC fan noise?

awajr31 | 20 juillet 2019

Yes, my MX has had the same fan noise for at least six months. Portland (Oregon) says it’s okay. My passengers wonder why I don’t get it fixed. The noise stops in a few minutes.

patswin | 21 juillet 2019

I notice it every year from June-August. It’s working over time to keep things cool. It will be quiet again once temps cool down. It is normal.

jjgunn | 21 juillet 2019

Normal in summer months. Keeping battery cool plus keeping humans cool