What is the life expectancy on air suspension from nomal driving?

What is the life expectancy on air suspension from nomal driving?

Got about 125,000 miles on my 2013 Model S. Car still rides firm but an annoying squeak from driver's front end has been persistent for the past few weeks that sounds like an old bed spring squeaking. Is this a sign the air suspension is beginning to fail?

Has anyone replaced their air suspension? What is the cost?

Qwiksilver | 21 juillet 2019

2013 85S 75,000 miles

I have had squeaky bushings replaced. Front end as well. Don't how much it would have cost. It was under warranty. I got the extended warranty. I seriously doubt you would have to replace the entire smart air suspension. The bushings are a weak point in that model year though.

Bighorn | 21 juillet 2019

Control arms get squeaky when the rubber bushing wears.

Bighorn | 21 juillet 2019

I think it was about $1000 to replace tie rod and control arm on one side. Labor is high because they have to drop the battery.

lilbean | 21 juillet 2019

Thank you, sir.

mikefa | 21 juillet 2019

Thanks Qwiksilver & Bighorn!

@Bighorn - is the control arm bushing visible from beneath the car - just wondering if i can spray some WD40 for a temporary fix to rid the annoyance.

Bighorn | 21 juillet 2019

I have the old one bagged in the garage and I haven't really crawled under to look lately. Spraying it probably won't help because the noise is from play caused by degeneration of the rubber, I think.

I just looked and I can see at least one without too much trouble. There are two on each side.

Anthony J. Parisio | 22 juillet 2019

WD40 most likely won’t work. This squeak is usually a sign of a failing pushing.

akikiki | 24 juillet 2019

On really old cars when we sprayed WD40 on the rubber bushings, we often saw the bushing "walk" out of the shell or shackle after it "exercised" a while later. I think it just depends on the material of the rubber and it reacts differently to WD40 and to silicone sprays.