Question on the staggered wheels on the X

Question on the staggered wheels on the X

Here's a question on the staggered wheels on the X. My 100D has 265 front and 275 tires on the rear.

Are the wheels the same or are the wheels sized specifically for front/rear?

Tropopause | 22 juillet 2019

The wheels/rims should have a size imprinted on them somewhere. On my S, with staggered setup, the wheels and tires are different sizes front-to-rear.

inconel | 22 juillet 2019

Wheels have the same diameter but width is different. Back is wider. You could mount the front 265 tires on back wheels and back 275 tires on front wheels but they look funny, the front looks bulged. Ask me how I know, stupid Indy shop!

Redmiata98 | 23 juillet 2019

They will also rub against the front wheel enclosure. There is less clearance upfront. (Had my larger ones mounted on one side and smaller on other. Service guy said he did not notice they were different widths. He properly moved one of the front ones to the back and the rubbing while turning stopped.)

deemo | 24 juillet 2019

The wheels are specific to front and rear and have different width and different offsets.

jsongster | 25 juillet 2019

Because of this feature of the car... I am replacing my original wheels and tires with the winter tires kit. It consists of 19" wheels that match front to rear and should therefore allow proper tire rotation and wear. Apparently when replacing these staggered wheels you are reducing the warranty of the tires to half and there are fewer choices to get. I am going to see if the 19" wheels and tires are actually as quiet as the All season Continentals with the ContiSilent foam inserts that also make it hard to repair the tires when punctured. If all goes well I would recommend that Tesla make them the new standard for non Perf models... make the staggered ones an expensive option for profits!