Opti-coat pro plus and chrome delete on Model X

Opti-coat pro plus and chrome delete on Model X

New owner of a used 2016 obsidian black MX P90D.

Looking into getting opti-coat pro plus and chrome delete. I've been quoted $1600 for each at a reputable local shop (That's $3200 in total for both jobs). I'm in the Boston area and not looking for a DIY project. Does this seems reasonable or too steep? Any better suggestions in or around Boston? Thanks.

lilbean | 22 juillet 2019

That's about right for LA, CA.

Triggerplz | 22 juillet 2019

I have a 2016 obsidian black P90DL, in 2016 I paid $1200 for the Opticoat Pro Plus which included doing the wheels and $4000 for Xpel, I had it done in Maryland the price will vary according to location and the price may have went up since 2016

awajr31 | 23 juillet 2019

I had a local company do a full body wrap on my MX using XPEL Ultimate. PPF has prevented road debris damage, bug remains damage and hail damage to car body paint. Good You Tube videos available.
Expensive but so was your car!