JB Transitions

JB Transitions

to the roll of "Senior Advisor" from the current C-suite role as CTO.

Either things are going really badly or they've hit it out of the park, but nobody knows it yet.

Maxwell's value may shed some light on this.

Heavy heart for me, since I've met JB and talked with him on several occasions about V2G, mass production and legislation that limits the possibilities of current products.

Thanks for all of your hard work in FOUNDING Tesla and your unwavering support and help with creating the mission to transition the world to sustainable energy.

NKYTA | 24 juillet 2019


GHammer | 24 juillet 2019

Given that he is the second largest TSLA shareholder behind Musk I bet he wont stray far.

AERODYNE | 24 juillet 2019

I can't see this as good news, but will hope for the best.

JB and others are due more credit than they get in the press for Tesla's success.

I base this on my reading of the Ashley Vance biography | 24 juillet 2019

Looks more and more like they've hit it out of the park and continue to do so! Sorry to hear of JB roll change, but he sounds like he'll still be around for quite a while.

akikiki | 24 juillet 2019


AERODYNE | 24 juillet 2019

I am in long with 100 shares, but 402 million loss is not good news.

Hoping G3 ramps up next year, and increases the deliveries.

SamO | 25 juillet 2019

Waiting patiently for battery day. I thought JB was being groomed to take over when Elon left for SpceX.

Maybe Jerome?

Bighorn | 25 juillet 2019

Jerome got a lot of airtime yesterday. Another guy I'm happy is around.

johncrab | 25 juillet 2019

I have met Jerôme and found him to be one of the most level headed managers I have met. He seems to be the one who tries to keep the company focused as Elon bounces among vanity projects. He should probably move to the top and become a calming influence on the company.

SamO | 25 juillet 2019

Sounds like he is "retiring."

Sad moment, but what's happening at Maxwell says that it might just be a revolution is on the way, including electric jets, among other things automotive.

Innovating your way to lower costs might mean that their innovation wasn't insourced, but outsourced to Jeff Dahn and Maxwell.

Who from Maxwell will be a part of the Tesla team?

Why isn't Dana Hull asking THESE types of questions?

b/c Tesla is tightlipped with "market makers".