JB Straubel transitioning from exec to advisor

JB Straubel transitioning from exec to advisor

Tesla loses $408 million as technology chief J.B. Straubel departs

I tried to explain away all the other executive departures. This one really shakes my confidence. Fu$#

Maybe I should put my career where my heart is and apply...

greg | 24 juillet 2019

Think of it as JB is heading to setup a sister company.
Think the SpaceX of batteries.

That's my take on it.

beaver | 24 juillet 2019

I love Tesla and the vision lives on with some bumps in the road. JB made XXX Millions and may have gotten tired of the tough automotive industry. Let’s see what happens.
Polishing my resume

calvin940 | 24 juillet 2019

Not a Model 3 topic. Move thread to General please.

beaver | 24 juillet 2019

@calvin940 I don’t read the main thread do you?

Hal Fisher | 24 juillet 2019

That must have been a really tough 15 years! I would think only a nut, could, should, or would go on much longer!

beaver | 24 juillet 2019

@Hal I agree, rumor is he was burned out a few years ago and the last 6 months he wasn't around much.

ST70 | 25 juillet 2019

I bet 15 years at Tesla is like dog years...I wouldn't look too much into it...he's staying as an advisor

jjgunn | 25 juillet 2019


I believe this will mean very little in the grand scheme as we move forward.

mmcp42 | 25 juillet 2019

you may want to review your statement
I'm fairly certain it wasn't the Germans!
(or is this misplaced irony that I failed to understand?!?)

spuzzz123 | 25 juillet 2019

Haha too young for even reruns of animal house

jjgunn | 25 juillet 2019


Like spuzzz says....see the movie Animal House w/John Belushi

cdiamond | 25 juillet 2019

"Forget it, he's rolling..."

ReD eXiLe ms us | 25 juillet 2019

Meh. JB Straubel is smart. He noted YEARS ago that he loves batteries more than cars. He built his first EV Conversion of an ICE vehicle at fourteen. It's been a longer road for him than even Elon Musk.

The LAT is one of the absolute most biased publications in existence when it comes to being anti-Tesla, anti-SpaceX, anti-Elon Musk. Screw those guys. To them, the only news that exists for Tesla is bad news and has consistently been that way ever since Tesla announced their acquisition of the NUMMI facility for a song and a smile in Fremont CA and not having a manufacturing facility in Carson CA (a suburb of Los Angeles) instead. Tesla made the right decision, but LAT will NEVER admit it, because LAT NEVER believed Tesla's announced expansion plans, which never would have been possible in Carson, at all

calvin940 | 25 juillet 2019

@beaver | July 24, 2019
@calvin940 I don’t read the main thread do you?

I do occasionally read the General forum when I want to read/participate in General discussions about Tesla and not a specific model.

Your perception of who does or doesn't read General is irrelevant to my request. This topic is not a model 3 topic. It is a Tesla General topic.

Bighorn | 25 juillet 2019

JB has shown excitement over his philanthropic efforts to support STEM education and sustainability. He’s also got a new company. I think he’s a great and seminal guy, but Tesla is past needing him beyond helping to ground Musk. Jeff Dahn is around to help guide battery advancements.

roger.klurfeld | 25 juillet 2019

Please try to get it right. JB Straubel is not leaving Tesla. He is giving up the executive part of his duties to become a senior advisor. He just won't have to deal with supervising. I know lots of people who did this.

beaver | 25 juillet 2019

@calvin940 that’s reasonable, I don’t read the general forum and I own a model 3 so I posted it in 3, which has the most readers. I moved it for you and renamed it to be more accurate

Big stock drop today, I would say half due to performance and half due to JB (obviously not a scientific view). Though I do recall seeing a 10% after hours drop when earnings were first shared then another drop when the JB news hit

Ross1 | 27 juillet 2019

If you edit your post heading, then keep "shadow copy", it will show in both forums at once.

SCCRENDO | 27 juillet 2019

He will obviously be a great loss. But people particularly highly talented people ultimately move on. One day even Elon will move on. Hopefully his replacement has developed a similar innovative vision.

Earl and Nagin ... | 28 juillet 2019

I think that, if you look at the compare the design of the powertrain (Straubel's greatest interest) of the Roadster with that of the Model 3, we see a progression from near-infancy to near perfection. Straubel has had the opportunity few engineers have, to, nearly single handedly (with only his team) take a new technology all the way to its apex.
All that is really left for Tesla is to continue on sustaining trend he has set up, of minor tweaks to reduce costs and improve reliability to make it more economically viable. This is a long-term process.
I can understand how he might want to shift his focus and efforts onto new things (including, perhaps, his family), where his greatest (genesis vision to reality perfection) skills can be best utilized.
Thank you Mr. Straubel, for providing us with the greatest automobile technology EVER! Best of luck with your future endeavors. I hope to be able to participate in those endeavors also, as I was fortunately to have been able to with Tesla.
Go Tesla! Go JB!

carlk | 28 juillet 2019

Another point is the new CTO Drew Baglino had been JB's right hand man since 2006. He must have contributed a lot and is a very capable person. Otherwise he wouldn't have lasted this long and been promoted by Elon many times. To put him in the new position with more responsibility maybe a way to keep him at Tesla for longer. Whatever role JB will play in the future these two should have good chemistry to continue to work together. Not a bad situation I must say.

Madatgascar | 29 juillet 2019

Thanks for everything JB. What a difference you have made!

johncrab | 29 juillet 2019

I suspect he is really tired and feels he has hit the wall with Tesla and wants to do something else and difference. Similar to Jony Ive at Apple just hitting that wall after years of grinding away. When it surfaced that JB has been selling shares even as the price has declined, that's a bit worrying, but it looks like it was just money he was taking off the table as any good gambler will do. We have not heard the last from him, not by a long shot. Now if Franz and Jerome bail, we have a different discussion.

carlk | 30 juillet 2019

JB is not leaving Tesla. He's only giving up executive responsibilities. He has made 40 trades since the IPO. Smart people alway diversify to some degrees regardless of their position or outlook of the company. Officers have to follow a pre-arranged selling schedule instead of do the buy low and sell high thing. Number of shares he sold is pretty small compares to his total holding although FUDsters would not miss an opportunity to make it of any significance.

n.dunkel | 30 juillet 2019

Can't this simply be chalked up to people having other responsibilities in life than _just_ work? I mean – every Silicon Valley super-scientist (or at least most of them) also have families, health and other interests besides their jobs. Even if their job is their calling, and they've had an incredible impact on the world, maybe they feel they've done their part and want to try other things too?

I'm just guessing. But I think we do sometimes forget that these heroes are also just humans!