request approx price of 's' windshield and rear hatch glass

request approx price of 's' windshield and rear hatch glass

I have tried for two days to contact tesla service via phone, email etc with no response. ( terrible customer support) I am certain the windshield far exceeds my deductible but would like to know if it worth a claim for the rear window. has anyone had their rear window replaced, if so what was the cost? tia

jordanrichard | 7 août 2019

You have a deductible for glass......?

Well anyways, here in CT, my windshield cost about $1100 installed. Non AP car, so no calibration needed to be done. | 7 août 2019

yes, $500, planning to claim for windshield, I am wondering about the rear glass. thanks for the response jr

Tldickerson | 7 août 2019, try and contact the nearest authorized Tesla body shop near you or any really good body shop and you should be able to get a insurance quote. Another thing you can try is to contact Safelite Auto Glass and get a quote from them.
@jordanrichard, many states like here in Calif. have glass deductibles. It falls under comprehensive coverage.