One Year Anniversary Today - What a Blast!!!

One Year Anniversary Today - What a Blast!!!

Today is the one year anniversary for our AWD M3 @19k miles.

Overall the best car we have ever owned and the most painless to buy (no add on pitches warranty, window etching, all that crap those dealers try to sell you).

On average we get 270 @ 90% and 100% will be 300 miles.

We do have the stinky wet socks smell that would really be the only thing negative (happens to other cars too just not in the first year).

Only been to service once that was at 10k for tire rotation.

I really don't have any complaints, but if I must list one then this. Always changing prices mostly lower makes me sometimes feel I should have waited as would have gotten the P. But having the car for the past year and enjoying it takes the complaint away.

Really do like the upgrades as in new features that come with new software pushes. I use to feel regret with other cars when something new came out in the next model year especially if it was just software and I did not have it and could not get it without buying a new car. So that is something that makes Tesla unique and really keeps me to the brand.

Like I said no complaints so far the most trouble free car we ever owned and I have had more than I can remember over the years.

If someone asked (asks) me about my car or Tesla I say Highly Recommended!

M3phan | 18 août 2019

Fun post! Same here after a bit over a year. And I also enjoy that the car still seems (in our area) a unicorn. Love getting the stares and questions.

coselectric | 18 août 2019

I'm closing in on 11 months now. I still look forward to driving it every day.

For a while I had a unicorn. In the last 4 or 5 months three additional Model 3's have shown up within a few blocks of me. There's an identical one in an adjacent neighborhood (MSM with the aero wheels) and she always goes crazy waving at me every time I pass her. Super fun.

Fredvanngo | 18 août 2019

Same here for our LR RWD for 15 months, delivery May 2018. The best car we have...Better than expectation.

Wonbadappl | 18 août 2019

Shopping...does going the speed limit on the highway extend the range?...just curious | 18 août 2019

@007bond - Cool!

@Wonbadappl - EPA range is based on 65 mph. If you drive faster, the range is reduced (true of ICE cars too). If you go slower, the range goes up. Optimum is around 35 mph. In a LR (rated at 310 miles), you should get far more than 400 miles of range at 35 mph.

billtphotoman | 19 août 2019

Congratulations on the Teslaverary and I am 11 months to the day right now. I am a tight-wad when it comes to buying material objects (but have no issue dropping $300 for a meal for my wife and I) and spent double on the model 3 what I thought I would ever spend on a car. It has been totally worth it to me. So far my car hasn't suffered from stinky AC issues (in spite of weeks of triple digit temperatures) but I mentally filed away 2 good threads on that topic. I always leave a window down when the car is in the garage and over the years I have found that helps with interior smells.

jwat14 | 19 août 2019

Happy one year anniversary/ My car was a year old on 7/20 and I'm still grinning. Enjoy!

billstanton | 19 août 2019

1 Year old on 7/31. Another date burned into my memory forever? Like waiting 852 days to get delivery? Birthdays? Anniversaries?

Just arriving from the grocery store it occurs to me that I need to go to the big box store. Just arriving back home, oh I need to go to the hardware store, the one across the bridge, the close one probably doesn't have that widget. Where shall we go this weekend? My wife is even planning places we "need" to go now!

lsalat1039 | 19 août 2019


TabascoGuy | 19 août 2019

What's "with extend(ed) range"?
You use your shorter range EV for long trips?
What routes (plural) are you talking about that don't have adequate SC's?

Wrong, wrong, and just plain wrong.

aptwo | 19 août 2019

Bought an extended range model but uses shorter range car for long trips without superchargers network? the heo?