Any decent looking interior additional storage/organizer options??

Any decent looking interior additional storage/organizer options??

Wondering if anyone has come up with any decent appearing interior storage options for the Model S?

I had the Model 3 and while I love 99% of my S over the 3, I do truly miss the multiple interior storage spaces the Model 3 had (center armrest, lower center console, separate phone storage, door pockets, under the phone place. I work out of my car and have a bunch of stuff I need to keep organized inside. The Model 3 was just about perfect.

My old Model S, I bought the center console from Tesla as it didn't come with it as they do now. What I noticed is, despite mine being from Tesla, the old one was roomier than the factory one Tesla now includes on all cars. The door opened further back, allowing easier access the the things toward the front.

Have searched and searched and found nothing that doesn't look like crap. Maybe some decent pockets right next to the console? A tall enough organizer for just behind the armrest (middle of the floor in the second row).

Considered the seat gap filler options, but they look too tacky.

Anyone, anything? Would love to hear what someone's come up with or what options are available that I haven't been able to find.

Thank you in advance..

EVRider | 24 août 2019

Which Model S do you have now?

barrykmd | 24 août 2019

While this won't appear in Architectural Digest, it's useful and functional:

It fits perfectly on the floor in the back, right in the center. I store a couple of water bottles, sunglasses, screen cleaning cloth, baseball cap, etc. in it.

thranx | 24 août 2019

I took the sliding cover off the center factory console. Allows much easier access to stuff in back. Besides, it wouldn't close all the way anyway if I had my phone plugged in.

2015P90DI | 24 août 2019

@EVRider - 2019 Raven

@thranx - that might be an option. Do you have the Tesla factory console or one they installed after? How does the sliding door come out on the factory version that's been included for the past couple of years?

Anthony J. Parisio | 25 août 2019

I went to Pep Boys. They have a black arm rest with lots of storage that works great with my model X. Naturally it is for the backseat. Everyone thinks that it actually came with the car. It was only $80.

thranx | 26 août 2019

@2015P90dl: I have the factory version...and I didn't personally take out the sliding console cover. I had them do it at the service center. Takes just a couple of minutes...they didn't charge me for doing it. No cosmetic damage...the console still looks fine, and I can finally reach all the way to the back.

magesh.tektal | 26 août 2019

I got this from Amazon:

Got a small storage box, that was lying around the home, to store some cash, etc underneath that. For privacy reasons, I did not remove the sliding door.

I also got a $5/- air vent Qi charger from Amazon, chopped off the back & velcro'ed it on the inner compartment.

BlueD | 26 août 2019