20" Model X Slipstream OEM Rims

20" Model X Slipstream OEM Rims


Less than 500 miles on these rims. Replaced these 2018 rims with custom rims and want my garage space back. Set of four does NOT include tires, tire pressure monitors, lug nuts, or lug nut covers. One of the four rims has a very small scratch on it from when tires were being removed.

Set of four rims includes:
2 x 20X9.0 Slipstream wheels
2 x 20X9.5 Slipstream wheels
4 x Tesla logo wheel caps

Local pickup ONLY (Mountain View, CA area)

Contact me at:

keith | 17 septembre 2019

Still available.

kylescribner | 17 septembre 2019

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kylescribner | 17 septembre 2019
kylescribner | 17 septembre 2019
sunsinstudios | 18 septembre 2019

gosh darn it kyle!

targus | 12 janvier 2020

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Joe | 18 janvier 2020

Wish I lived closer. I really really want these rims. Any chance we can work something out? I am in TORONTO Canada.

freemarket | 19 janvier 2020

Hi Joe,

I’ve got these same wheels with under 400 miles. Assuming the OP sold his locally. Feel free to reach me via email and we can discuss. They came off my 2019 MX I bought at the end of September.