Sleeping behind the wheel on Autopilot

Sleeping behind the wheel on Autopilot

Look at this guy - sleeping behind the wheel!

What would happen if he doesn't respond to the periodic reminders from the car to touch the steering wheel to make sure there is someone behind the wheel?

EVRider | 26 août 2019

See this thread in the Model S forum:

andy.connor.e | 26 août 2019

Total moron. Doesnt matter what safety precautions you have, someone will just ignore everything. Pretty sure the car will pull over to the side of the road and disable autopilot until you turn the car off and on again or put it into park, not sure which one.

I think if the car disabled AP on you a couple times it should be revoked until some more powerful form of authentication is committed by the driver. Teslas get in more accidents from people who think autopilot is self-driving. Its starting to get ridiculous. | 26 août 2019

@andy - car doesn't pull over. It merely comes to a stop in the travel lane. Perhaps in a future software version it will pull over to the shoulder. One can hope.

andy.connor.e | 26 août 2019

lol thats pretty horrible. | 26 août 2019

It does what it is designed to do. Next generation software might correct it.

jimglas | 26 août 2019

it was all faked

blue adept | 27 août 2019

Completely staged.

gregrt | 5 septembre 2019

Yep, I fake sleep when people pull next to me with a camera. Either that or Jazz hands.

blue adept | 6 septembre 2019

Vote for "jazz hands"!