Looking for MX owners with 19" RIMs

Looking for MX owners with 19" RIMs

If you have a 19" RIMs on your MX, would you post your experience/recommendation here?
I REALLY like the fact you are able to rotate tires and prolong the life of the tire, not to mention the extended range.

RAUDIKAL | 23 septembre 2019

I am interested also. Please post.

sacfan | 28 septembre 2019

I want to use 19” OEM wheels from a Model S with snow tires on my brand new Model X. Is this a good setup compared to putting the snow tires on 20” OEM wheels?

Model X Guy | 6 octobre 2019

I have been using five 19" slipstream Model X wheels with 245/55R19 Michelin LTX tires on our Model X. I have 31,500 miles on them and rotate them every 5,000 miles. I have a five passenger X so I keep one in the back behind the rear seat. The car ihas a 100KW battery and I have a range of over 300 mile using this set up.

oldxcskiguy | 6 octobre 2019

I've run a 19 inch rim / winter tire package from Tirerack on my 2017 Tesla Model X for two winter seasons. Tesla also sells a 19 inch rim / winter tire package for the model X, but they won't ship it to your home. My setup uses Bridgstone Blizzak tires as opposed to the Pirelli Scorpion winter tires in the Tesla package. The tire size is the same, 265/50R-19. If I lived closer to a Tesla Service center, I probably would have bought the Tesla Package, but I'm happy with my current setup. Here is a link to my Youtube video

Nigel.sydnor | 10 octobre 2019

Hi Guys, I have Model S wheels I'm looking to sell. Model X 22" Turbine Wheel and Pirelli Scorpion Tire Package for 6,000 OBO. I'm located in California. They are the wheels and the tires are included.

Email me at:

dkathrina323 | 11 octobre 2019

I have 20" RIMs on my MX. So actually I don't know much about 19" RIMs. But mine was just amazing. I have a lot of travel experiences with mine. Its features are just wow. I think 19" RIMs is also something similar to mine.

GranpaJohn | 11 octobre 2019

MX100D Nov 2018 build. 27,000 miles in ten months. I switched my 20" for 19" 245/55/19 Pirelli. Tires are .7 inch narrower and .7 inch shorter than 20"
Results after a few thousand miles and a 1200 mile road trip:
5 mph off on speedometer at 70mph (actual is 65)
MUCH quieter but maybe due to almost new tires...
10-15% lower Kwh per mile with accompanying range increase
Handling appears the same in MY use case. Only towing small lawn tractor due to load range difference in 19"