Sentry and camera recording questions

Sentry and camera recording questions

I'm searching this forum and will eventually find some advice, answers, direction. But in the mean time, will post here cause like the communications of this group.

She (we) have had the 2016 S75D for more than a month now. Getting used to all the features of it now....except the sentry mode and cameras. I see some YouTube posts and posts here about it, so going to learn.
What exactly is it? How do people happened to have recordings of a near crash?

I have seen recordings about the sentry mode documenting a parking lot issue while car is parked.

Thinking there is something about needing to have a thumb drive plugged in so it will record. I'm the least computer savvy guy on the internet so that might be an issue.

Don't really need cameras recording, but wondering what we are missing.
Any links or advice is appreciated. Will continue my search.


EVRider | 18 septembre 2019

You don't need to worry about it, because a 2016 Model S doesn't have the required hardware for video recording. You can turn on Sentry Mode for the alarm, but you won't get any recording. If you want video recording, you'll need to buy a separate dashcam.

CooHead | 18 septembre 2019

Wellll....there ya go then.
Done learning