Tesla Truck Battery Size thoughts

Tesla Truck Battery Size thoughts

After watching the recent uTube Video where the Fast Lane attempted to do a cross country towing test using the Model X with the 100 KWH Battery pack we learned that the energy usage dramatically increased. Now granted their trailer choice could have been better. That camper is not near as Aerodynamic as other offerings out there.
This got me thinking, what size of battery pack would be needed for the Tesla Truck. I know Elon said the base price would be 49.9K. I would image based on the current price for Lithium battery this entry model would likely be no more than 120 KWH. Given the above example, I image that model would only slightly better result for cross country towing than the Model X was. My guess the top line would want at least 200 KWH. What thoughts does other truck lovers have on this.

andy.connor.e | 19 septembre 2019

My best guess is that the battery size is going to be rated for range during towing similar to how the Semi is sized. 500 miles per charge with 40tons of trailer.

Would probably be good to have max towing on the truck at 150-200 miles. I know typically you're not really towing your boat hundreds of miles at a time, but you could be a mowing company who drives around literally all day with a trailer full of equipment, and who wants to waste valuable labor time waiting for your truck to charge. | 19 septembre 2019

At a $49K price, I'd expect a battery in the 50-60 kWh range. I expect the truck will be more expensive to make than the Model 3, so having a far larger pack than the 3 at the 3 prices is unlikely.

I expect they will have a long-range version with 100-125 kWh pack at a higher price (perhaps a lot higher). I also expect the truck to be less efficient than the 3/S/X due to size, shape, and weight. Doubt it will get to 150-200 kWh due to cost and weight, but who knows? The one advantage is there is plenty of room under a bed for a large battery.