How to use 2K miles free supercharger

How to use 2K miles free supercharger

Does anyone have any idea about this case?

I have free supercharger for 2000 miles in my account as referral award. However, I was still charged after supercharging.Currently, Free Supercharger miles remaining are still 2000 in my account.

By the way, I was told by my sales advisor, the 2000 miles free supercharger should be available once I'm able to see it in my account. All this info can be detected once I plugged supercharger cable into change port.

Robocheme | 27 septembre 2019

I had a 1000 mile credit (actually 400 kWh) and when I used it, it showed a cost, but then it went to $0.00 after a few seconds.

hycqkyecls | 28 septembre 2019

I had been using car play for last 3-4 years and really miss car play in Tesla. || || || ||

zkec | 28 septembre 2019

@Robocheme, thanks for the reply. Obviously, that's not my case. The cost is still showing on my account since I did super charge a week ago.