Daytime Running Lights - Rear

Daytime Running Lights - Rear

I am a proud new Model 3 owner, and I have a suggestion for improvement regarding the daytime running lights (DRL).

My lights are set to “Auto”. At daylight, the lights automatically turn off and the daytime running lights in the front turn on. However, the rear lights are turned off while DRL is active.

In my opinion, it would be safer that in daylight, both the front and the rear lights are on (like, for example, is the standard setting on all Volvo’s).

Please add an option to turn the rear lights ON while DRL is active.

Thank you in advance. | 28 septembre 2019

Brake lights are important all the time. Rear lights during daylight, not so much.

EVRider | 28 septembre 2019

From what I’ve read, there’s no evidence that rear daytime running lights improves safety, so that’s probably why few automakers offer them. If Tesla ever decided to offer rear DRL, they would probably want to use lower power bulbs than the ones used for the regular rear lights.

By the way, do you realize that this forum is for Tesla owners and enthusiasts, and Tesla doesn’t officially pay attention to anything posted here?

jordanrichard | 28 septembre 2019

What would be more effective is rear red fog lights. In the fog is when you need to be seen the most by those behind you.

Tesla2018 | 28 septembre 2019

Jordanrichard. European cars have to have one rear fog light. Not sure if the Euro cars have the same taillights as the US.
I got euro tail lights and wiring for my other car and redid the wiring hooking it up to the front foglights and added the switch that wasnt on American cars so that I could have them. Also wired it so all 4 tailights light up instead of 2 so it has better visability. Had to replace the regular bulbs with LEDs to prevent blowing a fuse from having too many amps and get an adjustable LED flasher relay. Someone will probably make an aftermarket kit for Teslas in the future.

Would be nice if we could have ours be sequential like on the newer Mustangs.

jrweiss98020 | 29 septembre 2019

I've found that the Auto headlights turn on rather quickly in tunnels, etc, so the tail lights come on in those situations when they are most valuable.

I, too, wish the rear fog light was active in the US. OTOH, I think too many people use fog lights in clear weather as auxiliary headlights to compensate for bad headlights, so the rear fog may not work so well here. OTOOH, the headlights on my Model 3 are very good, so I don't really need the fog lights in normal weather...