Free Supercharging Currently Enabled?

Free Supercharging Currently Enabled?

Can someone explain this? I just logged onto my TESLA account and noticed something new under “Supercharging Status” it used to always say “Pay Per Charge” or something like that. Now it says “Free Supercharging is Currently Enabled”. Is that an error or do I somehow have free supercharging now and why? Thank you.

Scarab | 28 septembre 2019

While why is nice to know, I would gladly trade. Mine still says Pay Per Charge.

Lonestar10_1999 | 28 septembre 2019

I never got free supercharging but I was never entitled to it. No problem.

Rickrph | 28 septembre 2019

Could someone have used your referral code? This would give you free suppercharging

Smalm | 28 septembre 2019

I have 5K miles of free which will expire in December, but my Account says Pay per use Supercharger

bradbomb | 28 septembre 2019

@Sethlsams, were you in or near an evacuaction zone for Hurricane Dorian?

sethlsams | 28 septembre 2019

@bradbomb, no i wasn’t and I also never had anyone use my referral code

....BoB | 29 septembre 2019

I've heard the LTE is with at&t , has any one had that signal go out?

1scallawag | 29 septembre 2019

I’ve had one of my teslas a M3P + for over 13 months. lifetime free supercharging. About a third of the time it says pay per use. I’ve never been charged. Multiple trips to Florida Pennsylvania North Carolina. no matter what my account says Tesla always eats it right! YMMV

ODWms | 30 septembre 2019

Same here as Scallawag above.

kcsyaktown | 10 octobre 2019

I purchased as pay per supercharge last September. I got a referral about 3 months ago for the 1000 supercharging miles. About a month ago I decided to go on a couple small trips to use up the miles before they expire. Probably went to 5-6 superchargers and none of my miles were deducted. The app still shows 1000 miles. Just checked my account on the web and I'm showing the "Free Supercharging is Currently Enabled" message. Not complaining, but was also wondering how long this will be available. Did you find out anything sethlsams?

mohammedzafer786 | 16 décembre 2019

Did you take delivery between mid September 2019 to end of September 2019. If so, you got 2 years of free supercharging.

yudansha™ | 16 décembre 2019

It is free here too. I don't like it.

ginogran | 17 décembre 2019

I took delivery in September but never received my 2 years of free super charging. Wondering if anyone else is having this issue?

sasglm | 17 décembre 2019

they just opened a SC in Cary NC and for the last 4 charges it's been free for me? maybe just a grand opening special to get people hooked... charged at 150mi/hr WOW

yudansha™ | 17 décembre 2019

It’s been free for me in South Florida. Maybe a holiday gift since we didn’t have any hurricanes this season. It makes SC too busy; I rather pay.

Gdknight | 3 juin 2020

I took delivery late Dec 2018. I SC once around April 2019 which was pay per use (think I paid approx. $10) so surprised when I looked at my M3 account they’ve enabled Free SC into 2021. I’m definitely not complaining but curious on whether Tesla enabled a promotion or something?

fazman | 3 juin 2020

I have FUSC on my P3D+

Magic 8 BaII | 4 juin 2020

Fazman has an hidden anti Tesla agenda

He is a known evil LIAR

Fazman = anti tesla troll = Evil liar = horrible person

billroger | 4 juin 2020

Is this a prelude to new Tesla's getting the new and improved ONE MILLION MILE BATTERY???? Say what?

billroger | 4 juin 2020

So you won't feel bad having the "outdated" battery in your brand new Tesla?