yellow rim around screen perimeter

yellow rim around screen perimeter

Just updated to version 10 and noticed a yellow rim around my entire screen. Happened before about 18 months ago and had to replace the screen. Anyone else?

Uncle Paul | 2 octobre 2019

Common issue. Starts very light and is hardly noticible. When it gets darker it is more aparent.

Tesla has developed a UV gadget that is supposed to fade it away.

Give your service center a call if it bothers you too much. Not all the service centers have the device yet, as it is still pretty new, and people need to be trained to operate it.

They no longer likes to replace the screens. Very expensive and not a permenant fix.

jspro | 3 octobre 2019

OK thanks Uncle Paul. Hope they can fix ,I think its very unsightly.

hsuru4u | 3 octobre 2019

v10 makes the yellow band now normal on all model s.

joesalvatore | 3 octobre 2019

I am on my second screen, the yellow band returned 8 months after the new one was installed. It appears to be getting worse as it is now about 3/4" wide all 4 sides of the screen. They told me back in April the will have a permanent fix sometime in October. Are you telling me they are no longer going to replace these defective screens?

danielpepper | 4 octobre 2019

The yellow band appeared for the first time yesterday on my 2018 S100D (14K miles).

danielpepper | 4 octobre 2019

The yellow band appeared for the first time yesterday on my 2018 S100D (14K miles).

mizunosan | 4 octobre 2019

Tesla service has me scheduled for the UV treatment instead of replacement

jvds | 5 octobre 2019

My tesla 2018 also has the Yellow band on the screen didn't bother me much in the beginning but is getting worse lately. Considering a visit to my service center. | 5 octobre 2019

@mizunosan - which SvC will you use for the treatment? Thanks.

Rawlins Street | 6 octobre 2019

Had the yellow band around the screen issue, also (on 2017 Model s). Started, as described above, with barely noticeable coloring - began when car was 14 to 16 months old. It was so light at first, I wasn't sure there was anything there. But it worsened. Contacted service center - in July/August 2018 - they said other had experienced the same problem - they ordered and installed a new screen - have not had problem recur. (At least not yet.)

Uncle Paul | 6 octobre 2019

This is a long standing issue.

At first Tesla would simply replace the screen, under warranty, with a new one.

After a while the new ones would also yellow. Tesla spend a ton of $ before they realized that this was just a temporary fix.

They quit replacing the yellow screens with new ones and had several runs, trying to find a solution, but nothing worked out.

Recently the began to release a UV fix, with a special machine, that is very hopeful, but even with this they have seen some posts where it again yellowed after the UV fix.

Seems like policy now is to do the UV fix first, and see if it is permanent. Usually works, however if it does not, they will replace that screen under warranty.

Customers have the option to replace the screen themselves ($$$) at their own expense, but Tesla will do the UV treatment as a warranty fix at no charge.

Recently there was a release of a new, Tesla developed patent on a newer, no bezel display. Should be ligher, smaller, better looking, and best of all..."You wonder where the Yellow went"...

philgrocks | 12 octobre 2019

Like many of you I had the yellow edge problem on my 2017 S100D. Clearly a manufacturing defect.

My first screen started to show this problem within months of my taking delivery in April 2017. Tesla replaced the MCU and screen.

Then later the 2nd screen started to do the same thing (January of 2019), I reported it and was told a new fix was coming. Finally the fix was applied.

Tesla tried to charge me $20 for the fix. I complained, and the reverse this ($0). I am clearly in the warranty period, so I don't understand why they would try to charge me for this. The only reason I can imagine is that if they can make it a cosmetic issue - wear and tear, then the finance guys can not have to claim it as a warranty reserve on the books.

The result of the UV treatment looks good. I asked how long it will ask and the service people didn't know. Keeping documentation so I can show it has been defective from the start.

I also asked about upgrading to MCU 2 and at first I was told it was possible (and would cost $2500), but later I was told not yet. So there is hope for that. Perhaps they can do MCU 2 at the same time as AP3 upgrade. Fingers crossed.

Virodeath | 22 octobre 2019

Also suffering from the yellow band on the screen. I also have a yellow band forming on the dash screen. Not nearly as big but just as visible.

dr.redMS75D | 22 octobre 2019

After installing the V10 update on 9/4/2019, I noticed the dreaded yellow rim around the perimeter of the center screen. It really did not bother me so I just sat on it until 10/17/2019 when I decided to schedule service at the Indianapolis Service Center. I used the cell phone app and scheduled for the earliest available time slot at 10:15 am on 10/22/2019. I took it in today at 9:55 am and found that they were using the repair device on another model S and that they would text me when my car was done. Brandon said that they may have to remove my screen protector to use the repair device and I said that I understood and that would be OK. I left the SC at 10:05 am in a loaner black S85. I was texted and emailed at 3:12 pm that my car was done and picked up my car at 3:30 pm. The yellow band was gone and my screen protector was still intact. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Of course, YMMV. Model S, HW2, deliv Dec 2016.