Dyson is not continuing with an EV

Dyson is not continuing with an EV

From USA Today:

Vacuum cleaner maker Dyson has abandoned its plans to make an electric car after spending the last several years hoping to capitalize on its expertise in design and engineering portable electronics.

The company's plans reflected a dream of founder and chief engineer James Dyson, who had sketched out a blueprint to spend $2.7 billion on technology and production.

Dyson had even hatched plans to build an automotive factory in Singapore to assemble the vehicle.

But the company's board plans to close its automotive division, James Dyson told employees Monday in an email.

"The Dyson Automotive team has developed a fantastic car; they have been ingenious in their approach while remaining faithful to our philosophies," Dyson said in the email released by the company. "However, though we have tried very hard throughout the development process, we simply can no longer see a way to make it commercially viable."

Dyson vacuum cleaner company founder and chief engineer James Dyson at the company's headquarters in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, in the United Kingdom.
Dyson said the company had also undertaken an effort to "find a buyer for the project," but has "been unsuccessful so far."

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The company's failure to succeed in the electric vehicle space illustrates the challenges associated with breaking into an industry that has high barriers to entry. Electric vehicle maker Tesla is the only automotive startup in America to become a major automaker within the last several decades.

spuzzz123 | 10 octobre 2019

Well I thought it would seriously risk this guys entire fortune if he pursued it. Sounds like some doubt crept in as to whether the market would support it. Of course Musk had to risk his multiple times. I’m not happy that this is such a difficult but to crack. Am hoping there will be a breakthrough in tech that makes evs a no brainer.

spuzzz123 | 10 octobre 2019

*nut lol

TranzNDance | 10 octobre 2019

Bloomberg title today: "James Dyson Shows It's Too Easy to Make Electric Cars"
"James Dyson couldn’t keep his car project alive for the same reason he could attempt it in the first place: The low barriers to entry mean anyone can do it.

The author of the article also explained that VW's network of dealerships in 153 countries would make it "considerably easier" to sell their EVs.


spuzzz123 | 10 octobre 2019

Omg I thought you were joking or that it was a satirical headline. No. They’re dead serious.

jimglas | 10 octobre 2019

Another tezlakiller kilt

vikshith | 10 octobre 2019

As Dyson's decision not to pursue the electric vehicle business was taken at an ... Sir James said Dyson would continue to work on the battery ...

TranzNDance | 10 octobre 2019

I could see reading the Bloomberg article as satire. It would make more sense. | 11 octobre 2019

Somewhat sad news of Dyson getting out of the EV race. There are huge opportunities for new EVs, and Tesla cannot cover every single segment. I do feel the most innovative and desirable EVs are going to come from Tesla and future startups. The legacy car companies are saddled with so much baggage, I'm not expecting much other than some more high-cost compliance vehicles that sell just enough to ensure they can continue to sell ICE.

andy.connor.e | 11 octobre 2019

Dyson makes an overcomplicated vacuum that is overpriced. Or perhaps properly priced for its overcomplicated engineering. If they were to make an EV, i expect it to be many times more expensive than a Tesla. Or significantly inferior.

The first time i heard about this, i knew nothing would come of it.

SamO | 11 octobre 2019

If you just look at history, failure is always the most likely outcome for an auto startup. EVs shown by OEMs and startups have never been mass produced, except in China and Tesla.


Middledawg | 11 octobre 2019

@TeslaTap. I'm expecting several BIG names in the auto industry to go the way of Studebaker, Rambler and Packard before them. To actually move to EVs the legacy companies have to destroy their business model. Most won't have the will to do it. My prediction for the huge name in autos to join the extinct is Toyota. They're huge now but are dragging their feet. It is going to kill them.