EAP2 with 2018 MX - Free FSD?

EAP2 with 2018 MX - Free FSD?

Hello Tesla Enthusiasts,

I purchased a new 2018 MX, 6 seat, white on white, and wanted to get clarity on something as I keep reading conflicting stories online. I was under the impression that if you purchased a vehicle with EAP2 that you were grandfathered into FSD when it becomes available? Is that the truth or can someone point me to the answer? Some sites I have read showed alleged tweets from Elon but in trying to go back and find those tweets, I would be scrolling for days on end. Appreciate the help and proud to be part of the best community out there!



burdogg | 11 octobre 2019

Not true. In 2018 the options to buy were eap and fsd. Eap at the time was 5,000. Fsd was an additional 3,000. It was never part of eap.

Later...2019? They changed it all again. Autopilot term brought back and eap features got swallowed up in fsd.

So EAP never was Fsd. Soryy... but if you have eap... you don't have fsd...still have to pay for it

thomasmcdermott | 11 octobre 2019

Thanks @Burdogg. That's unfortunately what I was afraid of.