FSD Going up in price by 1K on Nov 1

FSD Going up in price by 1K on Nov 1

Per Musk tweet earlier today.

PteRoy | 11 octobre 2019

Already too expensive if you ask me. $7,900 here in Canada.

I wonder if they’ll ever offer like a monthly subscription to it or something. Guess I’ll keep playing the lottery.

calvin940 | 11 octobre 2019

Already had EAP and opted for the deal for 2K US FSD upgrade when it happened. I am betting that it will be worth it for my total cost of it. Guess I'll find out eventually :D So far, I am enjoying the features I get from it.

OC.M3 | 12 octobre 2019

I'd buy at 2k sale

82bert | 12 octobre 2019

It’s gonna look like a steal 1-2 yrs from now and people will be begging for these prices. Forward thinking.

bjrosen | 12 octobre 2019

It already too expensive, I bought it as a science experiment, I wanted to see how it evolved, but in retrospect I wouldn't do it again, it's just not worth $6K let alone $7K. I'd bet that they are going to see a drop in revenue from FSD as fewer people opt for it.

Magic 8 Ball | 12 octobre 2019

It is way too early to determine actual value. Experiments like this take time and it will still be "evolving" for many years to come.

gmr6415 | 12 octobre 2019

@82bert, Everyone has their own preferences in life. All other car manufacturers, and Google and others are working on the same results.

I enjoy driving, and I really enjoy driving my M3, so I'm of a different mindset than those who have purchased EAP/AP/FSD. I've had two free 14 day trials, and I didn't see the value in either at the current price or the sale price that's been offered here and there; although, I will say I was much more impressed the second time.

From my view a $1000 hike in price just further pushes me to the "I won't ever buy it" place, and I think when it's common place many of us will be ready to upgrade to a newer vehicle with the latest hardware, battery pack and software. Look at what happened with AP. I could now purchase an AWD M3 with AP for less than I paid for my LR RWD. But I don't want an AWD, so I'll stick with I've got. I just tried to special order a LR RWD for my wife and Tesla said no way. Well, we'll most likely purchase another Prius. We both lover hers.

I also think once self driving is the norm across many manufactures it becomes fairly worthless or maybe I should say worth much less.

vmulla | 12 octobre 2019

Maybe customers would have been more inclined if Tesla had shown a good bit of difference between EAP and FSD with the V10 release.
V10 was mostly entertainment, and visualization (even per release notes).

Then there are others who said that they'd invest in stock and wait for the FSD development before investing in their car - They're still supporting Tesla, but in a different way that suits their circumstances.

shank15217 | 12 octobre 2019

@gmr6415, $7000 is still cheaper than it used to be, original price for FSD was $8000. Also a car that can drive itself is worth a lot more than a car cannot. It's not even qualifiable at the moment. You are literally living history in your car. Enjoy the ride.

gmr6415 | 12 octobre 2019

@shank15217, A car that can drive itself is only worth a lot more to someone who cares. Obviously you do. I don't.

As I said, everyone has different personal preferences. I enjoy driving. I don't personally want or need a car to drive for me.

I don't enjoy to ride. If my wife and I are going somewhere together I drive. They make planes, buses, trains, etc. for riding, and it's been around for over 100 years. I enjoy the drive.

vmulla | 12 octobre 2019

Would you rent out your car to make money?
Would you let your car drive you around in your neighborhood? (in the next 2, 3 ...X yrs?)
If both those answers are NO, then what's the point of upgrading?
If both are YES, then what are you waiting for?
If only one is true - did you consider investing in Tesla stock?

Magic 8 Ball | 12 octobre 2019

I like to drive also but I have found using EAP allows me to relax and enjoy the sights a lot more when I chose. Much of the fun of road tripping is seeing all the stuff and I really like the ability (when I feel it is safe) to look at things for a bit longer and trust the car is not drifting off because I was not watching the road.

Joshan | 12 octobre 2019

vmulla | October 12, 2019
V10 was mostly entertainment, and visualization (even per release notes).

Have you tried AP/NoaP since v10? It is night and day different and better. Biggest difference is when using it in City on 2 lane roads.

Hp.1193 | 12 octobre 2019

Troll alert. More negativity.

PhillyBob | 12 octobre 2019

@Joshan - I am in total agreement with you. NOA is much improved. This was a significant upgrade for FSD.

vmulla | 12 octobre 2019

EAP is definitely better, I wouldn't say 'night and day', each release has got getter over the previous one - and this one is also a progressive improvement.

Tesla's own release notes suggest that V10 was about entertainment.

"It’s here. Software Version 10.0 – our biggest software update ever. We’re raising the bar for what people have come to expect from their cars with new entertainment, gaming, music, and convenience features designed to make your car much more capable, as well as making time spent in your car more fun...."

Passion2Fly | 12 octobre 2019

MCU1 had a lot of other issues, such as high rate of GPS failures, poor antenna design, yellow framing, air bubbles, etc...
The memory is just another weak spot but I’m not sure that is causing an “owner uproar” ...
I’m still hoping that Tesla will offer MCU1 to MCU2 upgrades soon and a very large number of owners will pay for it. It would be totally worth it because it will bring your 2014 car to 2020 for a few $ks...

PhillyBob | 12 octobre 2019

@vmulla .... who really cares about what the notes say. What I care about is the results of NOA which are a significant improvement. PS. I really do not care about the entertainment upgrade. Others might

FISHEV | 12 octobre 2019

"I’m still hoping that Tesla will offer MCU1 to MCU2 upgrades soon and a very large number of owners will pay for it."vmulla

Given the documented failure, that should all be Tesla for bad design, poor quality parts. Per the article the MCU2 will still have the problem but it may take longer to manifest. Use the car more, sooner rather than later.

Why Tesla doesn't simply turn off the logging that causes the MCU failure is typical Tesla hubris. Hopefully more shops will show up that can do the fix for the $500 cost vs. Tesla's $3k +/- repair as most owners will be taken by surprise.

FSD will no doubt increase the amount of data getting logged and shorten the time to failure. Good reason not to buy it. It's doubtful the current hardware on Model 3's will support true autonomous driving anyway whenever that comes about.

gballant4570 | 12 octobre 2019

I guess my decision to buy last March is looking better all the time. Apparent value to each individual is what it is, I see value in FSD even though after one year of ownership I have yet to use any of the AP features. That is probably difficult for some to understand - I struggle with understanding it myself at times.No point in arguing about any of that, although if you are re-selling FSD ls likely a good thing to add to your list.

007bond | 12 octobre 2019

Already overpriced considering I bought my car last Aug for 10k more then it cost today and if I bought today I would have had AP included what they now want me to pay 3k for. So if he wants to raise the price even more reasons that I will not be buying it. And I know opinions differ but the 2 times it was on for the free trial it was like having a 15 year old drive so still no thank you. All that is needed is adaptive cruise control that is now standard in most cars but Tesla thinks I should pay 3K for it. Now if just adaptive cruise was say priced at say $500 I would get it but can't justify 3k or more for it.

FISHEV | 12 octobre 2019

" if you are re-selling FSD ls likely a good thing to add to your list."gballant4570

Using, by LR AWD Red with 9,000 miles is valued at $50k

When I add Enhanced Autopilot, Auto Parking it is valued at $51.7k.

Looks like a person would take a $5,244 dollar hit in purchasing FSD proposed $7k upgrade when selling.

Lonestar10_1999 | 12 octobre 2019

FSD is so unique, it’s hard to equate it to a monetary value. Buy it if you think you’ll personally enjoy it.

dmastro | 12 octobre 2019

Based on current self driving capabilities demonstrated in Smart Summon, I don't think FSD will be ready for prime time (or allowed) for quite a while yet. I'm not throwing any money at FSD until it's proven and offers something over my EAP (which for the most I do like, some of the NOA issues aside).

82bert | 12 octobre 2019

You’re correct that the value is in the eye of the beholder. If you don’t like AP/NoA and the idea of the car driving you, then you likely never will. I’m speaking to the people who say it costs too much now and want a deal. It’s only going up in price from here out as the features advance. As someone who loves and see the value in AP/NoA, I can’t wait for more. As others have said, V10 has really improved upon AP/NoA.

vmulla | 12 octobre 2019

PhillyBob | October 12, 2019
@vmulla .... who really cares about what the notes say.

Apparently Tesla.

I'm not disputing that EAP is better, just saying it's not better in a way that will convince people who were holding back from upgrading - it's even more difficult to convince customers because Tesla didn't even talk about AP improvements and is projecting V10 as an entertainment/convenience release.

Also, Smartsummon YouTube fails would convince holdouts not to upgrade, they basically reinforce thier opinions.

calvin940 | 12 octobre 2019

uhm ya, if people use YouTube to judge the things they do or don't do in life, I feel pretty bad for them.

PteRoy | 12 octobre 2019

I’ve only been using cruise control since v10. The amount of nagging on AP since v10 is really annoying.

PteRoy | 12 octobre 2019

I’ve only been using cruise control since v10. The amount of nagging on AP since v10 is really annoying.

Hp.1193 | 12 octobre 2019

Per Elon today.

“Several finesse improvements coming to Smart Summon in coming weeks. Will be smooth as silk”

slingshot18 | 12 octobre 2019

In my opinion, this has nothing to do with value, and everything to do with creating FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out. If you keep raising the price, those that have been sitting on the sideline might be willing to jump on it because they think they may not be able to afford it in the future.

The idea of increased value because the car can be used as a taxi is odd. I suppose some people might be willing, but have you seen the inside of an Uber or Lyft lately? They are trashed. I've sat in pee THREE times in the past 2 years. Can you imagine what people will do if the driver isn't there? There's no way in hell that I'd use my car as a taxi. So that predicted value created by it being a commercial asset goes to zero, for me at least. If they want to create a fleet of taxis, do it with a different, lower priced, more robust taxi specific car. Charge a fortune for those. Then leave the non-commercial cars at reasonable prices for the rest of us. It's silly to envision only one type of user base.

wrumph | 12 octobre 2019

Would be nice if FSD was attached to an account and not the car.

jjgunn | 12 octobre 2019

No's just software.

vmulla | 12 octobre 2019

wrumph | October 12, 2019
Would be nice if FSD was attached to an account and not the car.

82bert | 12 octobre 2019

I think a larg portion of people that buy in and are excited by future FSD updates are excited for the advancements, and not because they will use it as a robotaxi. I get that the idea of robotaxis is being pushed by Elon and Tesla, but most I know that are buying into FSD are doing it because they love the tech.

calvin940 | 12 octobre 2019

"but most I know that are buying into FSD are doing it because they love the tech."

This. AND they want to support the tech.

FISHEV | 12 octobre 2019

"FSD is so unique"@Lonestar101999

So unique no one, including Tesla has it as Tesla is quick to point out. The actual functions Tesla offers on its "Full Self Driving" auto lane change, using adaptive cruise and auto steer with the map, summon and self parking are offered on a lot of cars so market for those items on used cars is accurate.

dmanincali | 12 octobre 2019

I think the pricing model for FSD will change dramatically in the coming years and so am holding off on buying it. FSD (and I'm not talking Tesla specific FSD here) really will work best as more and more cars have it and can to some degree coordinate/communicate. As such one option is that it'll have to be priced at a point that brings a lot of value to the manufacturer while also not being so expensive that people can't afford it. Also, I can see this being offered as a subscription service at some point. I'm personally going to wait until the picture on FSD is clearer before pulling the trigger.

PteRoy | 12 octobre 2019

$8000 Canadian could buy me 666 chickens. Each chicken lays one egg a day, so 666 eggs a day. I could sell a dozen eggs for $2. So that’s 55 dozen a day. 55 at $2 is $110 a day. $110 a day for 365 is $40,000 a year. Invest in chickens, not fsd.

slingshot18 | 12 octobre 2019

@PteRoy, depends on the chickens. My chickens usually laid an egg about 5-6 days of each week. So your revenue is a bit off. But still clearly, chickens > FSD.

stingray.don | 12 octobre 2019

Chickens can’t drive a car. :)

jamilworm | 12 octobre 2019

Some people seem to be super confused, talking about how the performance of autopilot isn't that good so they don't think FSD is worth it. FSD is completely different than autopilot. People aren't buying FSD in order to get autopilot, they are paying for "full self driving" that will come in the future. There has never been a "free trial" of FSD, so I don't know why people are mentioning that.

Sure, lot's of people "like to drive", but I think many are overlooking how awesome true FSD would be. Have you ever used an uber or lyft? Well with FSD you wouldn't need to, your car could just take you to your destination (or you could drive there yourself if you love driving so much), drop you off and drive back home on it's own. If you want to go out drinking you can drive yourself there and let your car drive you back home. If you are going to a popular place with very little parking (like downtown) then you can just drive there, get out, and let your car find parking a few miles away where there's plenty of free parking. You can play games, watch TV, read, or browse the internet during your commute. You can nap during a long drive.

There's just so much awesomeness that would come with having a FSD car.

If someone thinks that FSD is decades away from becoming a reality, then ok I understand why you might not want to buy it now. But for people who just say that FSD won't be that great... you are CRAZY!!!

vmulla | 12 octobre 2019

When do you expect to see the benefits of the FSD upgrade?

gballant4570 | 12 octobre 2019

PteRoy, how many dozens of eggs can you sell for $2?

You'll never be a financial advisor.....or at least not a successful one

jebinc | 12 octobre 2019

Recall this movie aired in June, when we were supposed to see a price increase mid August. All a ploy then to drum up cash from FSD hype. As I said then, I say now... no price increase will come without real FSD functionality being delivered, and SS doesn’t count. Don’t fall for the plot and rush to by FSD only for fear of a price increase.

Smalm | 12 octobre 2019

Plus I’d probably need to pay some kid $32K a year to deal with those chickens, cause I’m not. ;)

FISHEV | 12 octobre 2019

"There's just so much awesomeness that would come with having a FSD car."@jamilworm

Kids spoofing self driving cars would be one of them. Seeing an FSD in the wild, give it a head fake, watch it do a panic stop and get rear ended. When we'd do test trials on the sport fish, we'd have a radar gun. On ride back from the shore, we'd tag the speeders going past, set off their radar detectors and watch them hit the brakes.

Problem is people and for foreseeable future, 98% of the other people on the road are not following the algorithms of the "neural net".

RES IPSA | 12 octobre 2019

I predict we will have something resembling Level 4 autonomous driving in our Model Three vehicles by the end of 2023. I think there will still be some "nags" associates with the features to quell the fears of regulators

RES IPSA | 12 octobre 2019

associates = associated

vmulla | 12 octobre 2019

RES IPSA | October 12, 2019
I predict we will have something resembling Level 4 autonomous driving in our Model Three vehicles by the end of 2023. I think there will still be some "nags" associates with the features to quell the fears of regulators
Per your analysis there’s no robotaxi revenue though 2023.
Nags =/= robotaxi readiness