Model X battery cells

Model X battery cells

I'm looking to upgrade my 2016 Model X
the sales associate told me this.

The new 2170 battery cell has the lowest degradation rate of any EV battery on the market. It is also compatible with our V3 Supercharging technology. This will allow your new Model X to fast charge at 250kw.

This is news to me Have you heard any such news? | 15 octobre 2019

Nope - I expect the sales associate was thinking about the Model 3. The Model S/X still uses the 18650 cells and is limited to 200 kW (with the new Raven S/X).

Passion2Fly | 16 octobre 2019

Sometimes sales associates drive me nuts! This is not the first time that potential customers report misleading or wrong information ... WTF??

Vawlkus | 18 octobre 2019

There are rumors that there’s a redesign for S and X in the works to take advantage of the 2170 cells for increased range and higher recharge rates, but nothing has been confirmed.

I suppose it depends on if Tesla and Panasonic keep working together or if they part ways. *shrug*

Vawlkus | 18 octobre 2019

Also, that’ll be for new S and X, the older ones will NOT be easily upgraded in the same way. There’s too much ancillary gear that’d need to be swapped as well as the battery pack itself.

inconel | 18 octobre 2019

Maybe the next S/X will skip the 2170 cells to go to the next generation battery technology? We might learn more at the upcoming battery and drivetrain conference.

Regarding salespeople, I had a Tesla sales person explain to me after I remarked that the Model 3 back seats do not fold completely flat that it was because it has a 60/40 split folding.