Tesla Insurance expensive

Tesla Insurance expensive

Hi folks,

Quick heads-up for anyone considering Tesla insurance. I’m in SoCal and Tesla insurance for my Model 3 (with my wife added) came out to about $1100 for 6 months. Progressive came out to about $570, so almost half :/ Full disclosure: on the Progressive account we have 2 vehicles, which brings down the quote. Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there for anyone shopping around.

Maxxer | 17 octobre 2019

In Canada was quoted between $1,800 and $2,200 but all insurance company but $750 yearly by my current insurance company LaPersonnelle because my wife is an engineer and they give a special rate for that group.

stopnair | 17 octobre 2019

yep. Me too in SO CA in LA area. Mercury insurance is 20% cheaper than Tesla ..LOL

Fredvanngo | 18 octobre 2019

It is different for individual people depending your ages, history, living location/city. my Tesla insurance is 15% less than Geico in Los Angeles, CA. and so I have just changed to Tesla's this month.

Hal Fisher | 18 octobre 2019

$1300 for the full year for me. SoCal 58 no accidents. Way cheaper than gieco which gave me okay rates for first 6 months at $780 then jacked it up over $1100 for next 6 months so I said goodbye and made the pay back a remaining month. Hahahahaha!!!

fearghus1 | 18 octobre 2019

I’m paying less than $600/year for SR+ in Indiana.

steveishere | 18 octobre 2019

I saved $100-$200 per 6 months switching from Farmers to Tesla insurance, so it's different for different people...

mrtoyman | 18 octobre 2019

I agree it depends on the individual. I switched from Mercury to Tesla because it’s a bit cheaper.

There are also other advantages with Tesla like;
1. Tesla reduced my deductible from $1,000 to $500, my Mercury Agent stated that they only only offer 1K deductible.
2. You also pay Tesla monthly instead of quarterly without being charged extra for every payment transaction.

Mercury increased my premium by $300 without any accidents , tickets and change in mileage. Every renewal they increased our premium when our cars depreciate in value every year.

Just hope I can also moved my home insurance and other cars with Tesla for extra discount.

rehutton777 | 18 octobre 2019

Just received my 2019 Tesla auto insurance renewal for next year. $1458 for the year in SoCal through The Harford. This policy is a multi-car with discount for home owners policy. Interestingly, the cost for liability (bodily injury and property damage), medical and uninsured motorist are significantly cheaper for the Tesla than for our other car, a 2016 Honda Odyssey. Where I take it in the shorts is comprehensive and collision damage - - double for the Tesla than for the Honda. In fairness, the insurance company did recently reimburse me $1500 to repair deep "key" scratches which someone inflicted on my car a couple of months ago, so I figure I'm still "ahead"? I haven't checked on the Tesla coverage because of the multi-car and multi-policy discounts from my current insurance company.

douglas_peale | 19 octobre 2019

Switched from Mercury to Tesla, saved $800/year. San Jose, CA.

63strat | 19 octobre 2019

My Model 3 with Allstate in CA was $2250 per year. I switched to Tesla insurance with much greater coverage and much lower deductibles and am now paying only $1340 per year.