I hate Spotify

I hate Spotify

Okay, I said it. I hate the update that included Spotify.

Before Spotify: I say "Play the Rolling Stones" and I get something at least Stones-adjacent without having to push buttons on the screen. It worked the way a voice command should work.

After Spotify: I say "Play the Rolling Stones" and I get to tap the screen multiple times before anything plays. Sure, I get a songs that actually _are_ the Stones instead of just close, but I only get about 3 songs before I get the spinning wheel of Spotify song-not-loading death. Normally I'd blame the connection for this, but it happens with a strong LTE connection and even on WiFi in my garage. I vaguely remember this happening with the Spotify app on my phone a few years back and it's why I quit Spotify back then.

I wouldn't be so irritated with Spotify if Tesla's UI was sane. And I wouldn't be so irritated with the UI if the songs kept playing for more than 10 minutes. But the combination is a very un-Teslalike experience.

nukequazar | 28 octobre 2019

Even if it does play, the fidelity is horrendous, and you need to pay for Spotify Premium?!? Ridiculous.

Although I'd say it is very Tesla-infotainment-like. It's just all inferior to the rest of the high-end car market, or any car these days with CarPlay or Android Auto.

Kathy Applebaum | 28 octobre 2019

I've only used Android Auto once, on a rental car, and I confess I don't get the appeal. It doesn't seem to be an improvement over just streaming music from my phone to the car, but maybe that's because I don't use Google Assistant. | 28 octobre 2019

@Kathy - I agree, but some love anything that isn't Tesla just to put Tesla down.

flickroll | 28 octobre 2019

My problem with Spotify is it just does not work reliably in the Tesla. I get the spinning wheel, etc. I’m now using a usb drive until Tesla figures this one out, if ever. The implementation was half baked and not impressive at all. Spotify on any other device works great. | 28 octobre 2019

I haven't used Spotify yet. Tesla's in Europe have been using it for 5+ years or so, and rare to hear of any complaints so I wonder what is different here.

Now USB will always provide better sound, especially if you use a non-lossy format like FLAC. It also works when you're out of cellular range. Still having streaming can be handy at times to find new music.