Auto Pilot

Auto Pilot

My auto pilot is not functioning correctly all of a sudden even after reboot. When I initiate lane change it starts to change lanes and then stops and reverts back to the lane I'm in. No obstructions are around and it is consistently not changing lanes. Anyone else have this problem?

Another problem is that I replaced my usb stick for one with high download write speeds and capability and still getting the error saying that write speeds for sentry mode are insufficient. Seems to be still writing files so I'm ignoring that error for now. Anyone else have this issue?

EVRider | 29 octobre 2019

Try rebooting again. If auto lane change never works, maybe there's an issue with cameras that requires a service visit.

Yes, other people are getting "slow write speed" errors even with high speed USB sticks. Consider using a microSD card with USB adapter instead. See TeslaTap's article here for more info: | 29 octobre 2019

@nrugh - In AP, if you turn off the turn signal too quickly during an AP lane change it reverts back. For example, on an S/X, a partial push on the signal stalk does 3 blinks and stops. I haven't tried AP with the 3-blinks to see what it does, but it may revert back to the original lane, considering the lane change canceled.

clyde | 30 octobre 2019

Can someone direct me how to purchase the self driving software. When I called my local dealership I was told it was in the shopping for products area however that appears incorrect. I though it would be easy to purchase.

jimglas | 31 octobre 2019

there are NO dealerships, you didnt call one.

scmsanders | 31 octobre 2019

Sign into your account and go to Manage. In the middle of the screen you will see a box that says Autopilot upgrade. Click on that box and it will go to a page to order the upgrade.

EVRider | 31 octobre 2019

@clyde: It’s in the Shop section of your My Tesla account, or at least that’s where it’s supposed to be.