Latest software update breaks "play <song name>" voice command

Latest software update breaks "play " voice command

Since the latest software update (2019.32.12.2), our Model 3 no longer plays music via voice command. Tapping the microphone icon and saying "Play " brings up the browser with a list of songs, most of them entirely unrelated to the requested music; and literally never does it actually find and play a song. This worked fine up until the recent release.

Any tips? Thanks.

jamilworm | 31 octobre 2019

I have also experienced the decline of functionality. For me when I search for a song I try to say the song title and artist, so I'll say "play XXX by YYYY". This used to work 100% and play the song right away but now it just brings up a list of suggestions, with the one I want usually first. But even when I tap on the song I want to hear it just starts a station based on the song and doesn't actually play the song.

I wonder if it has to do with the added Spotify support, if Slacker got mad and cut back functionality for Tesla slacker accounts.

RedPillSucks | 1 novembre 2019

File a bug report please

calvin940 | 1 novembre 2019

I have experienced this issue as well. As a software developer, I am guessing it is a software issue related to the introduction of Spotify support. File a bug report so that Tesla can get a good idea for numbers of folks experiencing this issue.

When you get the search box with options, select the subcategory of Song instead of the default or if that doesn't work, select the Artist sub option.

95dawg | 1 novembre 2019

Same for me. My guess is Spotify and Tesla couldn't agree on Spotify being the default stream service. So, instead of immediately playing searched song on Spotify, search result is presented on the screen and user has to tap the song they want to hear from various sources.

Calvin may be right; this could be a software issue, but my guess is business/money decision.

Big-B | 1 novembre 2019

I've had it start the song for a couple seconds and then it changes to a different song.

lbowroom | 1 novembre 2019

I've had that behavior for a year. Seems that Slacker brings up a specifically requested song once, then on subsequent requests for the same song goes to a search list or "channel" of that type of music. Perhaps it doesn't do that with a premium slacker account

mschapir | 1 novembre 2019

I can’t create a new thread.
My problem is that I have just received and installed a the v10 update and cannot access homelink on my Tesla app.
I do have homelink running on my Tesla 3.
How do I get homelink on the app.

wiscy67 | 1 novembre 2019

You might also need to update your app.

lbowroom | 1 novembre 2019

You need EAP or FSD for that feature to be on the app

jogoderic | 15 janvier 2020

Same issue for me. Can't ever get the song I want to play. It will play the artist, but not the specific song. Used to work seemlessly before!