Financing for Tesla Solar Panels in MA?

Financing for Tesla Solar Panels in MA?

Hi All,
I am very much interested in buying Tesla's solar panels as opposed to leasing but I am having a tough time getting financing as Tesla does not participate in Massachusetts's Solar Program. Due to this I am unable to find a lender with decent rates.

Anyone else facing these issues? If so, how did you arrange your loans (assuming you are in similar situation where you are not able to purchase the panels outright :) )

Thanks in advance.

YERMELL517 | 3 novembre 2019

I am not sure that I can help you regarding the MA Solar loan, but I am working on installing Tesla powerwalls and will be using a MA HEAT loan. Tesla is part of this project. I used a MA Solar loan to install my 13.68 kW PV array but used an independent installer, who was great and inexpensive, and had no problem. I can’t believe that somehow Tesla would be an impediment to you getting a Solar loan, there is no other way to go. You may look at getting someone else to install.

soyuj.tayade | 4 novembre 2019

Thank you Yermell.
I was also surprised to hear that Tesla is not willing to participate in the state's Solar Program. In talks with a few financial companies. Thanks for your insight.

cdiamond | 4 novembre 2019

Not only are they willing. They are doing the paperwork. I'm getting large system with 2 powerwalls and Tesla is filing the paperwork for the Mass HEAT Loan which is available for that system size due to Powerwalls.

cdiamond | 5 novembre 2019